15 Pairs Of Same-Age Celebrities That Look So Jaw-Dropping Different

Aging is a delicate issue for many of us. While some are blessed with good genes and age like fine wine, others do so less gracefully. At times, we see a same-age pair that look generations apart! And that’s not an overstatement.
We age differently. Sometimes our genes and bodies are wired to make us look older than we actually are. Scientists prove that up to 40% of the physical changes that make us look older are. This includes non-genetic factors like smoking, sun exposure, and lifestyle choice, like alcohol consumption, stress, diet, exercise, disease, and medication.
Especially celebrities. They look gorgeous from any angle and at any time. But that doesn’t mean they all age similarly. The dissimilarities can be jaw-dropping, even! From Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin to Adele and Zoë Kravitz, here are 15 pairs of same-age celebrities that look so jaw-dropping different!

#1 Whoopi Goldberg and Kris Jenner: 66

Source: © Kathy Hutchins/© krisjenner/instagram

#2 Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp: 58

Source: © DFree/© Tinseltown/

#3 Selena Gomez and Cardi B: 29

Source: © selenagomez/instagram© iamcardib/instagram

#4 Paul Hogan and Chuck Norris: 82

Source: © Joe Seer/© Featureflash Photo Agency/

#5 Hugh Jackman and Will Smith: 53

Source: © thehughjackman/instagram© willsmith/instagram

#6 Adele and Zoë Kravitz: 33

Source: © adele/instagram© zoeisabellakravitz/instagram

#7 Lisa Bonet and Nicole Kidman: 54

Source: © Kathy Hutchins/© Kathy Hutchins/

#8 Sandra Bullock and Courtney Love: 57

Source: © Tinseltown/© s_bukley/

#9 Eminem and Dwayne Johnson: 49

Source: © eminem/instagram© therock/instagram

#10 Liam Gallagher and John Cho: 49

Source: © liamgallagher/instagram© Tinseltown/

#11 Kylie Jenner and Maisie Williams: 23

Source: © Kathy Hutchins/© Featureflash Photo Agency/

#12 Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin: 41

Source: © DFree/© culkamania/instagram

#13 Christopher Meloni and George Clooney: 60

Source: © Ron Adar/© s_bukley/

#14 Mads Mikkelsen and The Undertaker: 56

Source: © theofficialmads/instagram© undertaker/instagram

#15 Jared Leto and Snoop Dogg: 50

Source: © jaredleto/instagram© snoopdogg/instagram

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