30 Awesome Celebrity Selfies That Were Definitely Blasts From The Past

How long have selfies been a thing? And no, I don’t mean the Chainsmoker’s song.
And that was ages ago!
Selfies are everywhere on social media now. It seems like you cannot flip through someone's social media without seeing a plethora of selfies. Seriously, we really live in the age of social media selfies right now.
Isn’t it a surprise to find that the first selfie was most likely taken in 1839 - that's not even in the twentieth century! It started as a weird bathroom selfie. Then, as technology advanced and photo cameras became smaller, someone came up with the brilliant concept of holding the camera in front of your face.
It’s an even bigger surprise to know about vintage selfie gems of old Hollywood stars. From Marilyn Monroe to Frank Sinatra, here are 30 awesome celebrity selfies that happened way before it was a thing

#1 Paul McCartney, 1959

#2 Marilyn Monroe, 1962

#3 Michael Jackson, 1996

#4 Courtney Love And Kurt Cobain, 1992

#5 Madonna, 1982

#6 Richard Avedon And Sophia Loren, 1960s

#7 Buzz Aldrin, Gemini XII Mission, 1966

#8 Ringo Starr, 1960

#9 Jeff Bridges & Sam Elliott, 1997

#10 Stanley Kubrick, 1949

#11 Actress Joyce Reynolds, 1940s

#12 Neil Armstrong, 1969

#13 Dennis Hopper, 1965

#14 Rowan Atkinson, 1987

#15 Ronald Reagan & Lester Wisbrod, 1980s

#16 Andy Warhol, 1979

#17 John Chaloner Woods, 1938

#18 George Harrison, 1966

#19 Frank Sinatra, 1930s

#20 Stevie Nicks, 1970's-80's

#21 John Chaloner Woods, 1938

#22 Geraldine Fitzgerald, 1940s

#23 John Lennon, 1967

#24 Madonna, 80s

#25 US President John F. Kennedy And Jacqueline Kennedy, 1954

#26 Colin Powell, 1954

#27 Actor Van Johnson, 1940s

#28 Stanley Kubrick On The Set Of "The Shining" With His Daughter, 1980s

#29 Princess Anastasia (Daughter Of Russia's Last Emperor), 1914

#30 George Harrison, 1966

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