20 Crossover Movie Fights That We Are All Eager To See

At the moment, the Spiderman franchise makes great use of the crossover craze. Both Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man: No Way Home earned massive success with the crossover concept. And more superheroes movies, TV series, and comics are employing it.
Yes, crossovers have a lot of fans, as they bring an amalgamation of different fandoms into reality.
Whether you are nerds or normies, nobody can pass up a good match-up. And no matter if it happens in fanfictions or videogames, a good crossover matchup can get gather fans from different media franchises and can make fans from both franchises go wild! Literally, everybody wants to see their favorite character wins again another person’s champions.
And thanks to a plethora of passionate fandom out there, we are never short of good crossover fights. From Dumbledore vs Gandalf, to 007 vs Mission Impossible super spies showdowns, here are 20 crossover movie fights we are all eager to see.

#1 Biff Tannen vs. Johnny Lawrence

Source: Universal | Columbia

#2 Ellen Ripley vs. Dutch Schaefer

Source: Fox

#3 Shere Khan vs. Scar

Source: Disney

#4 Luke Skywalker vs. Beatrix Kidd

Source: Disney | Miramax

#5 Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear vs. Ted

Source: Pixar | Universal

#6 Ferris Bueller vs. Van Wilder

Source: Paramount | Artisan Entertainment

#7 Gandalf vs. Dumbledore

Source: New Line | Warner Bros.

#8 James Bond vs. Ethan Hunt

Source: MGM | Paramount

#9 Martin Riggs vs. John McClain

Source: Warner Bros. | Fox

#10 Freddy Krueger vs. Wolverine

Source: New Line | Fox

#11 Falcor vs. Smaug

Source: Warner Bros. | Warner Bros.

#12 Katniss Everdeen vs. Tris Prior

Source: Summit | Lionsgate

#13 Terminator vs. RoboCop

Source: Orion

#14 Michael Corelone vs. Tony Montana

Source: Paramount

#15 Maleficent vs. Evil Queen

Source: Disney

#16 The Crow vs. The Joker

Source: Miramax | Warner Bros.

#17 Johnny 5 vs. WALL-E

Source: Tri-Star | Pixar

#18 Hannibal Lecter vs. Buffalo Bill

Source: Orion

#19 Spartacus vs. Maximus

Source: Universal | DreamWorks

#20 Kindergarten Cop vs. The Pacifier

Source: Universal | Disney

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