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  1. The 10 Marel characters Henry Cavill could play successfully.

10 Marvel Characters Henry Cavill Could Play Successfully

It is undeniable that Henry Cavill made his name for himself in the role of Superman in the DC Universe, but there are still several Marvel characters Henry Cavill could play, even successfully. Thanks to this role, Henry could better his popularity and broaden his acting career path. But Henry Cavil still seems to excel in several roles in Marvel Universe. Plus, the DCEU has been struggling in recent times. Who knows what will happen?
Henry Cavill possesses a good shape (hero-like shape) and experience acting as a superhero. As a result, even if DCEU doesn't put him on the cape again, Cavill could still be a superhero... in the Marvel Universe, such as the Jack Of Hearts or the notorious villain Mister Sinister.

The 10 Marel characters Henry Cavill could play successfully.

#1. Jack Of Hearts

Source: Marvel

The Jack of Hearts' tragedy would make for a gripping big-screen drama in the next Avengers film, and Cavill could really get into it. Furthermore, because Jack of Hearts is a one-time role, Cavill might return to the DCEU in the future.

#2. Colossus

Source: Marvel

Colossus is one of the team's most underappreciated members. He isn't as well-known as Cyclops or Wolverine, but he is an important member of the mutant team. Colossus also has a lengthy background that connects him to a number of important Marvel characters, notably his sister, Magik. Cavill has the body to play Colossus convincingly, and having a well-known actor in the role would elevate Colossus' status inside the X-Men.

#3. Cyclops

Source: Marvel

By putting Cyclops front and center as the team's best tactician, the MCU has a chance to right that wrong. Cavill would be a fascinating fit for the character, combining his stoic heroics from The Witcher with the all-American wholesomeness he brought to Superman to create the quintessential Cyclops.

#4. Nova

Source: Marvel

The Guardians are about to make their final pledge in the upcoming third film in the franchise, leaving an opening for Nova and the Nova Corps to fill. Cavill would be fantastic in the character, bringing to Nova's distinct cocky personality the same charm he brought to The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

#5. Mister Sinister

Source: Marvel

Sinister has the potential to be a big danger to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole, and Cavill would be an excellent fit for the role. He's not just physically intimidating and British, but he also exudes a unique quality that makes him threatening even when he's not saying anything. Cavill may easily blend into the character thanks to Sinister's chalk-white complexion and crimson eyes.

#6. Captain Britain

Source: James Hatfield

Cavill's most popular fan-casting is Captain Britain - the character got extraordinary powers from the mythical wizard Merlyn, including superhuman strength, flight, and different weapons, including a quarterstaff, in keeping with his British origins. Several works of fanart depict Cavill as the character, and the actor has expressed interest in the part. Only time will tell if it happens, but the components are in place.

#7. Galactus

Source: Marvel

Cavill might be better off playing a villain in the MCU because he is already so intimately identified with a hero. Galactus, a perennially hungry cosmic force with a deep background that has yet to be explored in live-action, is one of the most intriguing entities in Marvel lore, as comic book fans know.

#8. Hercules Is One Of The Marvel characters Henry Cavill could play

Source: Marvel

It could be a little too on-the-nose to have Cavill reprise his role as Crowe's overpowered son, but it would be worth it. Cavill has already played a Greek mythology character, Theseus, in Tarsem Singh's underrated 2011 film Immortals, and possesses the physicality required to portray an Olympian convincingly. Who wouldn't want to see Cavill bat with Thor's Chris Hemsworth?

#9. Sentry

Source: Marvel

In many ways, Sentry is Marvel's equal to Superman, so Cavill's casting makes sense. Multiple interplanetary personalities will undoubtedly continue to come in the MCU as a result of Marvel Cosmic's prominence, and Sentry would be a formidable ally in future confrontations. Cavill may pull a Mark Ruffalo and play a supporting part in numerous films, but it's unlikely he'll ever get his own feature.

10. Doctor Doom Is The Best Marvel characters Henry Cavill could play

marvel characters henry cavill could playSource: Marvel Studio

Doom is not only one of Marvel's most intelligent characters and the Fantastic Four's archenemy, but also one of the most powerful entities in comic books. After Kang's tenure, he's a strong contender to be a Thanos-level enemy. Cavill could return to the Superman role without causing any controversy by playing an aggressively adversarial part, which would be a dramatic contrast to his previous comic book character.
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