29 Celebrity Photos Of How We Know Them Today Vs How They Looked In Their Youth

We’re used to perceiving celebrities as eternally youthful; no matter how much time passes, they all seem to stay the same exact age in our favorite films. For example, most people associate Marlon Brando with his performance in The Godfather, thus when they think of Brando, they envision him as he appeared in the Godfather era.
When we look at them, we often forget that they aren't superhumans and that they, too, are powerless to stop the relentless march of time. And even though they are now older than they were in the past, many celebrities still remain as magnificent as they were in our favorite movies. 
These photos from their youth also give a glimpse into the traditions and habits of a bygone age while also telling vivid stories about their prime times. We get a sense of how these superstars have matured compared to the past.
We've gathered 29 photos of celebrities then and now, see their amazing transformation below.

#1 Robert De Niro

Source: David Shankbone,milo 3oneseven

#2 Charlie Chaplin

Source: Insomnia Cured Here,pingnews.com

#3 James Earl Jones

Source: CuginoKyle,Glasgow Film Festival

#4 Gary Oldman

Source: Sam,StudiocanalUK

#5 Diana Rigg

Source: Doctor Who Spoilers,Gwydion M. Williams

#6 Marlon Brando

Source: Paramount Pictures Alfran Productions,Lou Lea

#7 Sir David Attenborough

Source: Bruce Detorres,BBC Studios

#8 Clint Eastwood

Source: Siebbi,Scio Central School Website Photo Gallery

#9 Viggo Mortensen

Source: kats onstage,Ernest

#10 Chris Cornell

Source: gdcgraphics,Soundgarden

#11 Jon Bon Jovi

Source: slgckgc,Jonathan King

#12 Cherilyn Sarkisian 'Cher'

Source: Raph_PH,Joop van Bilsen / Anefo

#13 Sophia Loren

Source: Georges Biard,Robert Sullivan

#14 Eddie Vedder

Source: Nicolò Bonazzi,Pearl Jam

#15 Alain Delon

Source: Premier.gov.ru,Reporters Associati & Archivi/Mondadori

#16 Donatella Versace

Source: celebrityabc,donatella_versace

#17 Gordon Ramsay

Source: gordonramsaysubmissions,gordongram

#18 Mickey Rourke

Source: David Shankbone,Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

#19 Steven Tyler

Source: Gage Skidmore,Aerosmith

#20 Heather Locklear

Source: 20th Century Fox Television,Alan Light

#21 Anthony Kiedis

Source: Raph_PH,Per Se

#22 Tony Curtis

Source: John Mathew Smith & www.celebrity-photos.com from Laurel Maryland, USA,Kira WestlandFollow

#23 David Gilmour

Source: Jimmy Baikovicius,jean-pierre jeannin

#24 Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor

Source: Frankie Fouganthin,Paisley Scotland

#25 Axl Rose

Source: Ed Vill,Raul G.

#26 slash' Saul Hudson

Source: digboston,Guns N' Roses

#27 Ozzy Osbourne

Source: Chicks With Guns Magazine,Ted Van Pelt

#28 Brandon Cole 'Bam' Margera

Source: Nikki Margera,Matt Rogers

#29 Janice Dickinson

Source: BigBrother Junkie,Lloyd Klein

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