15 Pairs Of Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are The Same Age

Everyone ages in their own way. Some people appear much younger than their real age, while others appear much older. Various aspects can influence how a person matures. For example, genetics can have a big impact. If their parents look young, it is likely that they will look even younger than their parents. Other factors include how someone dresses, whether they apply cosmetics, and their hairdo. 
As you know, both the public and the media often discuss the topic of celebrities' aging abilities. Because they live in the spotlight, images of them are frequently posted online or in newspapers, demonstrating how they look younger, or older, than their ages. Many celebrities even go as far as adopting healthy lifestyles or undertaking procedures to make them look young so that they can avoid harsh judgments about their age.
There's no denying that ageism exists, and that youth is regularly praised (and pursued). It's incredible to imagine many superstars are the same age because they come from such different cultures and have had such diverse careers.
So keep on reading and see our collection featuring 15 celebrity pairs that are the same age.

#1 Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp: 58

Source: © DFree/shutterstock.com© Tinseltown/shutterstock.com

#2 Hugh Jackman and Will Smith: 53

Source: © thehughjackman/instagram© willsmith/instagram

#3 Jared Leto and Snoop Dogg: 50

Source: © jaredleto/instagram© snoopdogg/instagram

#4 Whoopi Goldberg and Kris Jenner: 66

Source: © Kathy Hutchins/shutterstock.com© krisjenner/instagram

#5 Eminem and Dwayne Johnson: 49

Source: © eminem/instagram© therock/instagram

#6 Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin: 41

Source: © DFree/shutterstock.com© culkamania/instagram

#7 Adele and Zoë Kravitz: 33

Source: © adele/instagram© zoeisabellakravitz/instagram

#8 Mads Mikkelsen and The Undertaker: 56

Source: © theofficialmads/instagram© undertaker/instagram

#9 Selena Gomez and Cardi B: 29

Source: © selenagomez/instagram© iamcardib/instagram

#10 Liam Gallagher and John Cho: 49

Source: © liamgallagher/instagram© Tinseltown/shutterstock.com

#11 Lisa Bonet and Nicole Kidman: 54

Source: © Kathy Hutchins/shutterstock.com© Kathy Hutchins/shutterstock.com

#12 Christopher Meloni and George Clooney: 60

Source: © Ron Adar/shutterstock.com© s_bukley/shutterstock.com

#13 Sandra Bullock and Courtney Love: 57

Source: © Tinseltown/shutterstock.com© s_bukley/shutterstock.com

#14 Kylie Jenner and Maisie Williams: 23

Source: © Kathy Hutchins/shutterstock.com© Featureflash Photo Agency/shutterstock.com

#15 Paul Hogan and Chuck Norris: 82

Source: © Joe Seer/shutterstock.com© Featureflash Photo Agency/shutterstock.com

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