Rihanna's Pregnancy Style Marks The Beginning Of A New Era In Maternity Fashion

When it comes to maternity style, Rihanna is not here to play by any prescribed set of rules. She is taking pregnancy fashion to the next level. Ever since announcing her pregnancy via Instagram in early 2022, she has been shaking the world a little with her maternity style.
Breaking the social norm that pregnant women should wear "decent” outfits, Rihanna has been amped up her personal styles, from body jewelry to ripped jeans. The exceptional mom is not afraid to wear crop tops and an open tummy. She feels so confident about her outfits when being in public. Rihanna's maternity outfits seem to be a foreshadowing of the jaw-dropping fashion to come. All of her looks have accentuated her baby bump as an accessory.
It seems that we've officially entered a new era where dressing for pregnancy doesn't mean you can't dress for yourself. Below are some of Rihanna’s incredible maternity fashion moments so far.

Breaking social norms

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In the previous century, women would cover their tummies with baggy clothes to make them invisible as being pregnant. However, it has changed over time. More pregnant women are opting for fitting clothing that emphasizes their growing shape. The main reason could be that women still work during pregnancy. Rihanna seems to be a leader in this trend.

The differences between Rihanna's maternity style and others

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Rihanna’s maternity style is making a splash. It is even clearer when comparing her pregnant outfits with others. She has not worn tent dresses or maternity jeans. In fact, she has rarely worn much clothing at all. She is not afraid to wear revealing outfits with an open tummy while some female celebrities choose to put on the long and wide dresses to hide it.

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In an interview, she shared: “I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I could. And fashion is one of my favorite things, so, you know, we’re defying what it even means to be pregnant maternal. It can get uncomfortable at times, and so you can dress the part and pretend”.

Rihanna is a fashion icon

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Her fashion is not limited. She can still match winter clothes as being pregnant. It seems the main message of her style is that there is no barrier to wearing whatever you want. Rihanna is a perfect example of a woman experiencing one of life's most joyous moments.

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On February 9, the beauty mogul stepped out in a fabulously over-the-top vintage Roberto Cavalli patchwork coat with denim, leopard print, and fur. She paired it with a fur-trimmed front-tie crop top and low-rise baggy bag.

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On February 12, when attending a Fenty Beauty x Fenty Skin even, she wore a custom top and pant set by The Attico, the ensemble’s green drape square sequins sit perfectly over her budding baby bump.
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