20 Construction Jobs That Will Weird You Out

Construction is no joke a career. You have to calculate the slightest details and there are absolutely no mistakes that should occur. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of constructors out there who know what they are doing, and even less are the ones who do a great job at it. It's truly rare. So the yielded results are usually more than weird (to put it lightly). There are different levels of weirdness, but here are some of the weirdest construction jobs that we have come history.
Granted, it's fascinating to look at them, for real, but these constructors ought to get fired if safety is on the mind of the ones that hired them. If you find content like this interesting, don't forget to share it on your social media and follow our website for more stuff like this.

#1 Is it that hard to line up some lights?

#2 Everyone should know how door work right?

#3 We need...spiderman

#4 And spiderman...2

#5 Well I guess heating won't be an issue. But maybe invest in some carpets

#6 Pipe dream

#7 This triggers my OCD so much

#8 Jesus

#9 Which is harder? Building pipes or moving some bricks?

#10 Damn it

#11 Pipes

#12 That plug looks about right

#13 Hehe

#14 That's not a fire hazard at all

#15 Peeping tom


#17 God forbid you look out the window


#19 Put in some effort, please!

#20 A new kind of door stopper

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