30 Photos Of Random And Wholesome Encounters With Celebrities That People Found And Shared

Aside from the palm trees, endless summers, and beach days, many visitors go to Los Angeles in the hopes of spotting a celebrity. While Hollywood Boulevard is bustling with visitors on any given day, you're more likely to see your favorite celebrity's name on a Walk of Fame star than in person, unless you're in town for a Hollywood film premiere. 
And even though you’re used to seeing them on the big screen, you can sometimes catch them doing ordinary things on the street. In fact, your chances of spotting a celebrity will increase if you do things a normal person would do in their city — go out to dine, shop for groceries, relax on the beach, or stop by Starbucks for a cup of coffee. It's true that you're more likely to see a celebrity at Starbucks than in Hollywood. This proves that while many people view celebrities as greater beings, in reality, they’re only humans, just like us. And of course, nobody would waste the chance to grab a few pictures of these stars whenever they can.
Here are some photos of when people are lucky enough to actually encounter celebrities in real life.

#1 My Mom And Bob Ross During An Event In Central Park, NYC In 1989

Source: rhartley23

#2 The Time I Was A Little Nervous To Meet Morgan Freeman

Source: loosegravel2

#3 My Cool Mom Partying With Robin Williams And Billy Crystal In LA In 1982

Source: st1rfryguy

#4 Old Man With Cigar Spoiled The Photo With Celebrity

Source: tristashtuk

#5 My Grandfather (Right) With Elvis Presley (Left) In Post-War Germany. Late 1950's

Source: Flyerguy2014

#6 My Grandma Always Used To Tell Us About This Kid That Would Sing At The Resort On Her Vacations In Hawaii. Turns Out That Kid Was Bruno Mars. 1990

Source: Trickydicknick

#7 My Stepdad Did The All The Flight Rigging For Jamie Lee Curtis In True Lies. He's 70 This Year And Going Strong As An Ox. This Is Him With Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jamie Lee Curtis

Source: CoyoteTango89

#8 Shaquille O’neal Lifting Me Up By Neck (Realistically, My Arm) 15 Minutes Prior To Playing A Football Game With Him

Source: NotEnoughSteak

#9 One Time I Saw Samuel L. Jackson At An Airport And He Saw Me And My Cousin Hovering Around Trying To Work Up The Courage To Ask Him For A Photo And Then He Came Over To Us And Said, ‘Y’all Motherf**kers Want A Photo?

Source: spacedtyler

#10 I Was Lucky Enough To Pull Over Al Pacino

Source: mentjens

#11 My Uncle Photo Bombing Jimmy Carter, 1980

Source: TastesLikeDog

#12 My Grandpa Worked As A Park Ranger In Yellowstone, Where He Took This Photo Of The Three Stooges When They Visited. 1969

Source: CaptainOutstanding

#13 My Grandma Visited His Store And Asked If He Ever Goes There. He Came Out The Back And Spent The Next Hour Chatting With Her In 1992

Source: mahoudeerqueen

#14 My Grandmother Was An Interpreter For Chuck Norris

Source: Sandra96

#15 Mid To Late 1970s, My Dad Graduating A Class Taught By Chuck Norris

Source: Beach_rat90

#16 My Dad Showing Mr. Rogers The Process Of Designing Toys On Mr. Rogers Neighborhood (1986)

Source: PolyConOne

#17 My Uncle Coached Hollywood Actors In The 1990s. Casually Carrying Jeff Goldblum Around Here. Los Angeles, California

Source: eYjay420

#18 I Met Burt Reynolds In 1979 In Jupiter Florida At The Burt Reynolds Dinner Theatre. My Aunt Was Performing A Musical There. I Even Got A Ride In The Bandit. Was A Great Memory From My Childhood. Rip

Source: calio88

#19 My Grandmother And 'Big John' Candy. She Was A Secretary For The Accounting Firm That Handled His Finances. August 1988

Source: rtisdell88

#20 My Mom Interviewing Jagger And Brian Jones For Tiger Beat Magazine In The Late 1960's

Source: BodheeNYC

#21 My Mom With Ice Cube Circa 1992

Source: brycerod

#22 My Grandfather With Elvis Presley. 1950’s

Source: dietzypietzy

#23 In 1983 I Was Chosen Along With 3 Other Students To Interview Ozzy Osbourne For Newsday/Kidsday Newspaper In NYC

Source: mystarrrs

#24 My Dad With David Bowie In A Vacation In Greece. 1988

Source: ELFIRE11

#25 My Roommate’s Mom Dated James Gandolfini For Awhile In The 1980s

Source: Cobmeister98

#26 Terry Crews And His Classmate, Voted Most Likely To Succeed In His Yearbook (1986)

Source: Phenziox

#27 My Girlfriend’s Mom Met Al Pacino

Source: wizzii

#28 My Mom Posing With Eazy-E Outside Of A London Hotel In The Late 80s

Source: boardingtheplane

#29 1990: A Fan Gets A Photo With Bob Ross And A Landscape He Painted Using Ross' Series

Source: act1989

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