21 Actors and Actresses Who Dated (Or Married) Their On-Screen Family Members

Your ideal companion could be anywhere: at work, at a concert, or even on the set of the high-budget film you're working on. And obviously for most movie and television stars, spending time with their fellow actors or actresses can easily build closeness and intimacy, and can even ignite romance.
And what if you somehow fall in love with your scene partner during a film set? It’s not unlikely, in fact, it happens more often than you think. This passionate affection can ignite at any moment, given the right circumstances. And it doesn’t just last for an instance but lingers on for days and nights.
Whether you're filming a TV show, doing stunts for an action film, or making a music video, the person cast opposite to you might actually be the one true love that you’ve been searching for all along. Sure, the courting and romance may not work out in the end, but it might impact your life for months and years. This is why most actors and actresses treasure their relationships, no matter how brief it is. Here's a list of actors and actresses who ended up dating (or marrying) their on-screen family members.

#1 Maggie Grace and Ian Somerhalder played step-siblings Shannon Rutherford and Boone Carlyle on Lost, and after their characters were killed on the show, they began dating.

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Although they split up in 2007, Maggie told New You in 2016 that she and Ian are still "extremely good friends."

#2 Shannen Doherty and Jason Priestley as sister and brother in Beverly Hills, 90210, and Jason admitted to briefly dating Shannen, along with some of his fellow costars, years after the show ended.

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"Various combinations of individuals slept with each other throughout the years," Jason acknowledged, "but nobody ever became attached."

#3 David Cassidy and Susan Dey portrayed siblings in The Partridge Family, and while Susan had a strong love for David, he didn't reciprocate at first. David said that he eventually gave in, but that he "couldn't think of her as anything other than [his] sister."

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Susan "lacked the slutty element of a girl" that David found appealing, according to his biography, C'mon Get Happy: Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus.

#4 Maureen McCormick and Barry Williams as siblings Marcia and Greg Brady in The Brady Bunch, and dated in real life – Barry was Maureen's first kiss!

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Barry eventually confessed that he and Maureen, his on-screen sister, dating in real life in a 2013 interview with Oprah Winfrey.

#5 John Travolta played Diana Hyland's son in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, and the two began dating in 1976 and dated until Diana's death in 1977.

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John was 23 and Diana was 41 when they started dating. "I didn't know she was going to die for sure until two weeks before," Diana said, referring to her earlier double mastectomy for breast cancer.

#6 Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey portrayed siblings Ferris and Jeannie Bueller in Ferris Bueller's Day Off and secretly dated during the film's making.

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"It started when we were doing the movie," Jennifer explained. Because it was a secret, it was difficult. "No one was aware." While on vacation in Ireland, the two were involved in a horrible vehicle accident that claimed the lives of two individuals and left Matthew and Jennifer with severe injuries and chronic suffering. Shortly later, the pair called it quits.

#7 Eleanor Tomlinson and Harry Richardson played sister and brother in Poldark, dated a year until 2018.

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Eleanor and Harry met on the set of Poldark Season 3 and started dating shortly after Harry joined the cast. They were first seen together during the third season of their program, which aired in the summer of 2017.

#8 Emily VanCamp and Chris Pratt as sister-and-brother duo Bright and Emily Abbott in Everwood. They dated for three years.

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According to Chris, who spoke to TV Guide, "Yes, we've become accustomed to the 'Ew, that's strange' answer. That's a little scary.' People who know us are ecstatic, and they undoubtedly anticipated it to happen sooner or later. But, every now and again, we have that one person who says, 'Wow, that's very weird.' 'You just kissed your sister,' says the narrator."

#9 Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick as siblings in the Christmas movie Noelle. They have been secretly dating for over a year."

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They're both fairly private individuals, so keeping it quiet during the epidemic was simple. They're both hysterical, so they have to constantly make each other laugh. She seemed to be ecstatic.

#10 Tamela and David Mann starred as daughter and father in the movie and TV versions of Meet the Browns. They have been married since 1988

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David and Tamela have collaborated on various projects professionally, including their BET reality show It's a Mann's World. They have a total of 13 grandkids after raising five children together.

#11 Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall as sister and brother on Dexter, eloped in 2008. They got divorced in 2010, and then continued to play the roles until the end of the series in 2013 and returned for the 2021 revival.

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They met on the set of Dexter and began dating discreetly shortly after. They married on New Year's Eve in 2008 and had two years of marriage before getting divorced in 2010. Both actors returned to resume their respective roles in Dexter: New Blood after working together until the series conclusion in 2013.

#12 Georgia Moffett played David Tennant's daughter on Doctor Who. Rumored to have started dating around 2008, they have been married since 2012.

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"Various combinations of individuals slept with each other throughout the years," Jason acknowledged, "but nobody ever became attached."

#13 Katherine Heigl and Jason Behr as sister and brother in Roswell. They dated shortly after meeting on set.

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Before they split up in 2002, they dated for the duration of the show's run, and many even thought that they were engaged.

#14 Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston got married in 1998, Carrie ended up playing Michael's mother in Lost all because of a joke.

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Emerson and Preston met in 1994 while performing in the Alabama Shakespeare Festival's performance of "Hamlet" in Montgomery, Alabama. She flew in from New York to take on the role of Ophelia.

#15 Lauren Graham and Peter Krause portrayed siblings Sarah and Adam Braverman in Parenthood. Lauren finally started quietly dating him after years of trying to keep Peter in the friend zone.

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Not only did the two participate in the same comedy in the 1990s, Caroline in the City, where they formed a relationship, but they also presented at the Screen Actors Guild Awards together in the 2000s. However, it took a long time for their mutual attraction to become apparent.

#16 Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson met on the set of Bosom Buddies in the early '80s, now happily married for 34 years.

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Love that lasts forever! For decades, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have shown that Hollywood romances can withstand the test of time.
When it came to his eventual marriage, the Cast Away star claims it was love at first sight — even if he didn't meet her until years later.

#17 Drew Barrymore and David Arquette as siblings in Never Been Kissed. Years later David confirmed that the two had dated years before.

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Arquette and Barrymore looked to have spent some social time together in 1991, before either of them participated in the first Scream picture. Notably, Arquette, like Barrymore, comes from a family of actresses.

#18 Kirstie Alley and Parker Stevenson married in 1983 and played as siblings on the miniseries North and South: Book II.

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Kirstie Alley was married to actor Parker Stevenson for a while, but their marriage ended in a tumultuous divorce. They are no longer friends, yet they still chat about their children.

#19 Will Arnett and Amy Poehler were married in 2003 before they went on to play the sibling skating duo Stranz and Fairchild Van Waldenberg in Blades of Glory.

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Amy Poehler and Will Arnett looked to be a match made in heaven when they married in 2003. However, in 2012, the couple announced their split after nine years of marriage and the birth of two children together. Arnett divorced in 2014, and the divorce was completed in 2016.

#20 Milo Ventimiglia played Hayden Panettiere's uncle on Heroes. They dated during the show's run in 2007 lasted about two years.

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The two stars hit it off right away and began dating in 2007, a year after the show premiered. They would stay together for two years until calling it quits in 2009.

#21 Shane West and Evan Rachel Wood portrayed siblings on Once and Again. Shane was 21 and Rachel was 12 at the time. Nine years later started dating at the reunion.

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In the summer of 2009, Evan Rachel Wood and Shane West had a brief encounter. In June, Wood joined West for his birthday celebration, but things didn't go as planned.
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