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30+ Tumblr Posts Prove Harry Potter Fandom Is Super Hilarious

There is no room for doubt that Harry Potter is one of the most successful franchises in the world so far. As such, understandably, they can gain optimistic reception and loves from the audience, followed by a huge community. Harry Potter has built a wholesome, devoted community as their fans still follow the franchise and characters even though the movies have ended for a long time.

Apart from fidelity and devotion to the franchise, this community also has a sense of humor that makes you laugh out loud. Whether it goes around the plot holes or lovely and amusing moments in the movie, these posts will burst you into laughter. Below are the 35 most hilarious Tumblr posts from the Harry Potter franchise.

1. We Don’t Earn Daniel Radcliffe

Source: fangirladdie / Tumblr

2. Plot Twist

Source: consultingskeletondetective / Tumblr

3. Essentially

Source: you-had-me-at-hallow / Tumblr

4. Have A Biscuit, Potter

Source: teamrocketing / Tumblr

5. One-Trick Pony

Source: sp00kylexa / Tumblr

6. Ten Points To Dumbledore

Source: rebekhaleesi / Tumblr

7. Recorded Precision

Source: catstiel / Tumblr

8. Plot Hole

Source: t-esserae / Tumblr

9. Throwback

Source: jamespotterphd / Tumblr

10. Might As Well Be Canon

Source: yourperfectlittleanarchist / Tumblr

11. Spot-On Criticism

Source: spitefulbitch / Tumblr

12. Spot The Hufflepuff

Source: Tumblr

13. The Hogwarts Houses In A Nutshell

Source: clitclip / Tumblr

14. Scared, Potter?

Source: ourcatoverlords / Tumblr

15. Huff le Puff

Source: Tumblr

16. Parenting Goals

Source: dorkfeyrac / Tumblr

17. Gay Wizard Laughter

Source: animateglee / Tumblr

18. A Blessed Meme

Source: trannysaurus–rex / Tumblr

19. High Expectations

Source: believeinprongs / Tumblr

20. Know Your Snake Facts

Source: falstaffing / Tumblr

21. The Best Fan Theory

Source: tin-pan-ali / Tumblr

22. A Disaster

Source: exeggutor-deactivated20171218 / Tumblr

23. If Draco Malfoy Was The Protagonist

Source: winchstah / Tumblr

24. Harry Potter Marathon

Source: terminallycheesy / Tumblr

25. The American Hogwarts Houses

Source: kaiju3 / Tumblr

26. This Is Clever

Source: Tumblr

27. When You Put It That Way…

Source: just-shower-thoughts / Tumblr

28. Ten Points From Slytherin

Source: accio-shitpost / Tumblr

29. The Harry Potter Remake We Didn’t Know We Needed

Source: haaskarotta / Tumblr

30. If Harry Potter Was A Youtuber

Source: dracobaby / Tumblr

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