16 Funniest Disney-Themed Tweets From Parents That Surely Leave You In Stitches

Disney has released a slew of highly successful animated movies, as evidenced by the fact that Disney has become a beloved part of the childhood of many people. In addition to fantastic stories and attractive characters, Disney films have attracted fans with their meaningful and positive messages. So it's no surprise that not only do kids go crazy for Disney Movies.but adults also love them.
However, when it comes to Disney, kids may dream about the most fanciful things, but their parents usually think about them in the funniest ways. And while going through Twitter, we came across a few Disney-themed posts from parents that are hilarious! These posts sum up our day-to-day stories as well as certain dark details in Disney films that only adults know!
And below are the 16 funniest Disney-themed Tweets that surely leave you in stitches. Let's check them out!

#1 Whether or not your child enjoys a movie, you will rewatch it because you paid for it.

Source: michaelianblack

#2 This mom has a good idea. Hope the kids enjoy this party.

Source: faux_ma

#3 When you watch Disney movies with your children, things seem super real.

Source: workingmom86

#4 I'm sure kids are well aware of how vicious they are and just pretend to be all innocent.

Source: martinisandmini

#5 We're worried by this father's serious concern about how far his daughter's infatuation will go.

Source: XplodingUnicorn

#6 This is the most beautiful desire I've ever heard.

Source: XplodingUnicorn

#7 As youngsters, we were all promised a lot of things, and it's funny that Disney instilled in us false life expectations.

Source: Carbosly

#8 You know you're a parent when you've seen children's movies.

Source: daddydoinwork

#9 Until this issue is resolved, we should all boycott the whole Cars franchise.

Source: ChaseMit

#10 Hey, we've all got a lot on our minds!

Source: KeetPotato

#11 Every single one of the Disney princesses makes decisions that defy logic, and I simply believe they all ought to go to bed

Source: sexyshoelessgodofwar

#12 When you release a film and then plaster the brand on absolutely every product you can think of, kids are going to be disappointed if the one thing in the world doesn't have it

Source: Tw1tter_K1tten

#13 In fact, Maurice wasn't the only reason Belle's mother is no longer with us.

Source: kibblesmith

#14 This is a serious question that keeps me awake at night.

Source: Jay_FrickinLynn

#15 Kids nowadays have no idea what it was like to eagerly down the days until you could watch your favorite movies over and over again.

Source: TheCatWhisprer

#16 Disney appears to be attempting to traumatize kids offscreen.

Source: MattNavarra

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