17 People Who Got Roasted Mercilessly

Nobody wants to be roasted. We want to keep our social status as well as our image as clean as possible, and being roasted is just going to do harm to our self-esteem. Some people, though, are so willing to be roasted that they post pictures of themselves online and then ask people to come and roast them with the meanest jokes/puns they could come up with.  The people of the r/roastme subreddit who are just so eager to get insulted by random people on the internet. A lot of time it is just dumb fun. Other times, there are truly mean and savage insults.
Here is a list that we put together of 17 people who asked to be roasted and then got scorched in return.  Be sure to follow our website and share this article on your social media outlet. We would really appreciate every share. Thank you.


















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