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25 Times Customers Proved Yet Again That They Are The Absolute Dumbest People On The Planet

If there’s one thing working in retail has taught me, it’s that people can be far more jerkish than I ever imagined. Working in retail exposes you to a wide range of people. Sometimes, you have to deal with weird customers who complain about stupid things that you can’t just easily help them with, the price of a product – for example. At that moment, if the genie grants you one wish, you will undoubtedly wish that you won’t work for retail stores any longer.

Here are 25 moments where retail employees had to deal with ridiculous customers that needed to be smacked in the face with common sense. Scroll down to check them out and upvote for the one that most impresses you. And you will agree with me that working in retail is very stressful. If you have been through such situations, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section below.

#1. Right place but the wrong word

Source: clientsfromhell

#2. They couldn’t just wait any longer

Source: dalishpariah

#3. About putting a straw in the customer’s soda cup

Source: baz00per

#4. The bottom line is they can’t read signs

Source: mintzy

#5. Well, so ridiculous

Source: chesireinthemiddle

#6. That’s why human are supposed to be the most intelligent species in the world

Source: jhenne-bean

#7. Just about not having spaghetti on the kids’ menu

Source: lolnotdev

#8. No, they’re dead

Source: ohmygoshaavash

#9. Was that “an invasive question”?

Source: gluten-free-pussy

#10. Retail in a nutshell

Source: prince-gast

#11. Customer service has really gone down the drain

Source: Facebook

#12. That’s not enough

Source: baz00per

#13. LoL

Source: KarlSmallwood

#14. Okay

Source: back2Boujee_

#15. So sorry that the lack of arms was an inconvenience to you

Source: CharlotteCrook2

#16. Can you answer?

Source: flyingwithpeter

#17. Would you like that in a bowl or do you want the kitchen to just frisbee that out to you?

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#18. Please

Source: pleasefireme

#19. Customer’s milkshake had milk in it

Source: notchloarchi

#20. So humorous

Source: __BigO__

#21. I can’t stand it any longer

Source: NatalisaStepan1

#22. Oops!

Source: cherryemoticon

#23. Let that sink in for a second

Source: spark-of-jenius

#24. “You’re very observant”

Source: _Collins17

#25. Martini was too strong

Source: hellwigcopter