Cameron Diaz Shared What It Is Like To Become A Mom At 47: "No I Have To live To 107"

There are many precious things that God has bestowed on us that made us grateful. And of the greatest is being a mom. Motherhood is the start of a life-changing journey for a woman. It is a dream of every woman to become a proud mother and introduce a new life into this world.

Some studies show that women become happier and more positive after childbirth, especially older mothers. “Late” pregnancy and motherhood seem to be very challenging (physically and mentally) but Cameron Diaz is much blessed. Her wish comes true.

Diaz's story has inspired and changed the minds of women who suspected pregnancy after the age of 40. If you are curious about her path to motherhood, keep scrolling!

Having a hard time with motherhood but the miracle happened.

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In December 2019, famous actress, Cameron Diaz and her husband, Benji Madden became parents and this blew up the Internet. Diaz brought a bright hope to millions of women who gave up to have a child due to their age.

Diaz tried to stay private about the fact that she was pregnant. Her close friends revealed that the couple was trying to have a child long time before having a daughter named Redix.

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Diaz shared that she has spent half of her life under the watchful eye of the public and now she thinks it is fine to “take the time for myself to reorganize and choose how I want to return into the publicity”. Her current goal is to protect her daughter.

No longer photos of dogs on her phone.

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In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Diaz said that she couldn't be happier to spend time with her little daughter. She appreciated every moment because she thinks that “She’s not the same baby she was yesterday”.

She also shared that there are no any full of pictures of her puppies on her phone. They gave way to her daughter’s favorite songs such as “Baby Shark” and “Elmo’s Song”.

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In an interview with Naomi Campbell, she shared how to find balance in her life. She also admitted that “I love my life to be private but still, there some pressure, even in late motherhood”. She said ironically: “I have to be like 107. So no pressure!”.

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Diaz is sure that this is her "sweet spot" and the happiest moment of her life. Even her precious travel and work experiences can not compare to this phase. " Having a family when you are young, it's like anything when you're young you do it. When you're my age and you decided to do it. it's a real choice. You have to work har for it."
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