19 Japanese Stuff Without Context That Will Make Your Day

Ah...Japan. There is just something about this place that makes it so unique compared to anywhere else in the world. Granted, Japan is really, really random, culturally speaking, and pretty much everything else. Anime, martial arts, calligraphy and origami, geishas or tea ceremonies, the country of the rising sun lures tourists one of the most unique destinations, capturing our imagination and filling it with awe.
Here are 19 Japanese stuff without any context that will make you realize that the Japanese are a species of their own. This miscellaneous Facebook page named “Japanese Stuff Without Context” offers a glimpse into the uniqueness of the Country Of The Rising Sun. Scroll down below and upvote your favorite posts. Be sure to follow our website for more content like this and share this post on your social media.

#1 Makes sense!

#2 Sumoflowers

#3 If that's actual bread, I'm inpressed

#4 Cool costume

#5 That's an illegal screen

#6 Quite satisfying

#7 Chokes on hand

#8 Eat or get eaten

#9 Never ever drive through a car wash with your sunroof open

#10 To catch a rabbit, you must become one with the rabbits

#11 Must be friezing in there

#12 It's the ring movie!

#13 Don't touch the floor

#14 Peek a boo I see you

#15 Anime *fans* control

#16 The forbidden mochi

#17 Le purple onion

#18 Pikaborghini

#19 My brain is broken

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