16 Times People Failed At Geography With Confidence

Not everybody excel at school. Or to be more specific, geography. There’s a certain baseline for geographical facts that we expect from the people we meet. Like knowing that New Zealand has millions of inhabitants and is not an uninhabited island. We have collected some of the most egregious geography mistakes that folks have shared over on the r/facepalm subreddit, a giant online community of over 6 million.
Here are the times that people failed miserably at geography but with absolute confidence. If you know the basics of geography, then odds are that you may find this list very painful. Scroll down for some truly awful geographical mixups.
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#1 Someone failed geography

Source: McManus26

#2 And I thought Americans only knew American Geography

Source: SpinalElephant

#3 It's basic geography


#4 Geography is important, kids

Source: regian24

#5 Looks like someone failed geography

Source: The_Aincrad_Prince

#6 Is not good with his geography

Source: posturbem

#7 Bye!! America see you... never!


#8 Geography is hard

Source: gonzoletti

#9 Geography wasn't their strongest suit

Source: DeificClusterfuck

#10 Statistics are hard. So is geography

Source: beerbellybegone

#11 How many people failed element school geography

Source: anoobsearcher

#12 Spotted on twitter

Source: KTthemajicgoat

#13 Geography...

Source: FrauleinSchnurrbart

#14 Geography is African hard subject


#15 Geography fail

Source: OllieGarkey

#16 3 different geography fails along with some Ebola panic

Source: Plowbeast

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