20 Hilarious Tweets That Define The Dry Scottish Sense Of Humor

Scotland is quite a place. The Scottish culture has gone on for hundreds of years now and there's no sign of stopping. It sometimes seems like that Scottish people are of their own kind, with their own set of humor also. You've probably heard of the notoriously funny British sense of humor or American comedy that cracks everyone up laughing.
Many, though, are not really familiar with the Scottish sense of humor, something that an entire corner of Reddit with 766k members has dedicated itself to. Here are 20 hilarious tweets that define the dry Scottish sense of humor we put together just to show how the people of Scotland vibe.
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#1 I also want a latte with oat milk

Source: lizardworm

#2 Chaotic good

Source: FemboyPaganism

#3 International decorators in Glasgow!

Source: katiec1314

#4 Something something Blitz Spirit

Source: DaftLimmy

#5 Some festive cheer from this auld yin

Source: highlands2022

#6 Fair dos

Source: MyHeadIsBursting

#7 The Best of Scottish hospitality and Japanese alcohol

Source: govindajeggy

#8 20% struggle with the question

Source: L-E-S

#9 Finding it hard to know who to believe with this vaccine carry on

Source: bmiddttdy

#10 "In ye get, carol. get yersel up the road safe now. mind and give me two rings when you and billy are back home"

Source: ThonJacobite

#11 Finding it hard to know who to believe with this vaccine carry on

Source: LinusTechLips

#12 Fair enough

Source: kosact67890ns

#13 You absolute prawn

Source: Fetch_Ted

#14 Here fishy fishy

Source: Oichbro550

#15 A wee thing that floats in the sea

Source: RandomCreeper

#16 Angus getting straight to the point

Source: Give_me_a_slap

#17 Good rationing there

Source: j_stop

#18 Pure inspirational

Source: Susealao9

#19 Failte, joe

Source: scottdetrow

#20 Do I sense a Netflix original in the works?

Source: MegaHeid

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