Bruce Willis And His Journey Of Finding The Greastest Love Of His Life

Bruce Willis, our favorite bald-headed action star. Starting out as a theatre actor in the 70s and breaking into Hollywood fame with the McTiernan classic Die Hard, Willis is one of the world's biggest movie stars. But Bruce is not only an inspiration to actors and moviegoers, he's also a great inspiration to romantics all over the world.
He, against all odds, was able to find his true love, after having undergone an unsuccessful marriage. And at 60 years old, no less! So how did the Die Hard star achieve his very own fairy tale ending? All it took was the right woman.

Despite creating a great family, something was missing

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Bruce married the actress Demi Moore in 1987. And despite being the IT couple of Hollywood at the time with 3 adorable daughters, something just didn't feel right. They officially filed for divorce in 2000. One can only speculate the reasons.

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But a divorce doesn't mean a failure. They've just simply grown apart and made a mature decision to end the union. They remained close and continued raising their daughters together, and can be often seen on both Demi's and the daughters' social media accounts.

And this is where Emma Heming comes in

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Bruce tried to find romance again with actress Brooke Burns, and the couple was briefly engaged in 2004. But again, something just didn't feel right. Bruce admitted that he was actually unhappy with his bachelor phase, and it wasn't until he met Emma Hemming that he truly realized what he had been missing.

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To Bruce, Emma changed his entire outlook on love and life. With her, everything made sense. Wanting to seal the deal, they married in 2009 and begin their journey as partners for life.

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Just after the wedding, the couple introduced their 2 daughters, Mabel and Evelyn to the world. Now, he not only has 3 daughters but 5 in total!

They married twice!

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You read that right! And no, they didn't get a divorce. Bruce just loves Emma so much that in 2019, the couple decided to celebrate their 10-year anniversary by sealing the deal all over again. Even Demi Moore attended the ceremony!

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They also renewed their vows, of course. This time was even more special since the ceremony was not only attended by Demi Moore, but also by Bruce and Emma's daughters Mabel and Evelyn.

57 years, and Emma was worth the wait

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Bruce has shown us all that it's never too late to still hold onto hope for love. Since, well, he was 57 when he found his. With almost 15 years of marriage and counting, his infinite love for her is still going strong.

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And her love for him is just as much, if not more. According to her, they still have date nights once a week! Wow. Our hearts just feel so warm looking at this wonderful couple.
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