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20 Epic Onscreen Looks That Are The Definition Of Bad Hairdos

“The Rachel” is forever a big “yikes!” – and not just because of how impossible it is to pull off.

Sometimes hairdressers blow our minds with how they fabulize a character’s hair. Other times, not so much.

Don’t believe us? Here are 20 hairstyles that we can only describe as “a choice”. Even by non-professional hairdressers.

#1 “The Rachel” (Friends, Season 1.)

Source: NBC Television / Getty Images

Hear me out: If it weren’t for Jennifer Aniston being so lovable as Rachel, this hairstyle would never see the light of day! The layers are all over the place, and so are the highlights. No wonder, Jennifer Aniston, and probably any hairdresser who has to recreate this iconic look, hates this hairstyle with a burning passion.

#2 Joyce’s mullet (Stranger Things.)

Source: Netflix

It is not a mullet, technically, but it looks like one. At least the hair really highlights Joy’s desperation and slipping from reality. I mean, can you look at the hair and not hear “I’m really losing it!”?

#3 Anna’s highlights (Freaky Friday.)

Source: Buena Vista Pictures

What happened here? I don’t think we have invented words for these all-over-the-place highlights.

#4 Jake’s stringy hair (Freaky Friday.)

Source: Buena Vista Pictures

Another Chad Michael Murray entry, how lucky are we! Let’s just pray that it was a generous amount of gel and not hair grease that made his hair so wet. And his hair looks worse than Anna’s, which is in a league of its own.

#5 Gale’s bangs (Scream 3.)

Source: Dimension Films

Bangs can make you look good and mystifying. But not for Scream 3’s Gale. Not even ‘00s Courtney Cox can save this overly trimmed bang from looking too spiky and thin. I have to wonder whose foot Gale stepped on to end up with this travesty during the movie.

#6 Lydia’s bangs (Beetlejuice.)

Source: Warner Bros.

Ok, we get it: Lydia is a goth. That isn’t an excuse for this borderline level of razor bang. Even Barbara has better hair when she appears. AS A MELTING CORPSE!!! If we chant Beetlejuice three times, would he come and make this bang go away?

#7 Lisa’s bangs (Girl, Interrupted.)

Source: Columbia Pictures

It’s universally agreed that Angelina Jolie is stunning. Even when her bang makes her look like someone who accidentally burned her hair off with her curling iron, then proceeds to shear it off without looking. Which probably explains why they look so uneven and choppy. At least they are quite thin, and therefore, unnoticeable.

#8 Monica’s braids (Friends, Season 9.)

Source: NBC

From the show that brought you: “the Rachel.” Ok, 1: If this episode was released today, Monica would have been canceled for the Barbados braids. You dodged a bullet there. NBC. And 2: the braids look… bad. The braids having such different lengths makes you wonder: Does the hairstylist know what they were doing, tbh?

#9 Josie’s hair  (Never Been Kissed.)

Source: 20th Century Fox

Being in 1999 was not an excuse for this hairstyle. Oh dear, this hairstyle is about 30 years too late. As in, it should be on a 40-something soccer mom on a super windy day, not on Josie’s, a high school student,  head.

#10 Also, Kirsten’s hair (Never Been Kissed.)

Source: 20th Century Fox

Believe it or not: Kirsten’s hair was considered peak noughties. The weird braided bun that points in every direction was supposed to be high-teen fashion. Combined with the Victoria Beckham highlight, it doesn’t get more 2000 than this. So at least we know hair fashion got better in 20 years.

#11 Peggy’s bangs (Mad Men.)

Source: AMC

To be honest, the side bang doesn’t really look that bad. But everything before was truly the stuff of a nightmare. Until the side bang, each episode is a new and more horrid bang for Elizabeth Moth. She didn’t deserve this. And so do we.

#12 Kat’s prom updo (10 Things I Hate About You.)

Source: Buena Vista Pictures

Oh, back in 2000, this hairdo wasn’t that bad. The gelled-back updo, with a fake flower as a centerpiece, is totally what any girls going to prom would go to. But it does now. Honorable mention: her ponytail with super-thin tendrils is equally outdated.

#13 Lola’s orange-blonde hair (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.)

Source: Buena Vista Pictures

There has never been a louder cry for toners than this. I think 2000s Lilo’s hair was so beautiful, they thought she could make anything work. Obviously, they thought wrong.

#14 Peyton’s hair (One Tree Hill, Season 2.)

Source: The WB

Peyton’s blonde curls make her an eye-catching beauty in every season of One Tree Hill. Minus the orange-tinted Season 2. The hairdo is still a classic, but the bang ruins it for the whole season, you guys!

#15 Rapunzel’s pixie cut (Tangled.)

Source: Disney

Ok, it’s Disney, so nobody is hard to look at – even the bad guys. The pixie cut is cute for me, but not so much for some others. It’s choppy (which makes sense if you watch the movie), and her impossibly long hair is way more gorgeous! Thankfully, her animated series gives her back her hair, though.

#16 Sara’s dreads (Gone in 60 Seconds.)

Source: Buena Vista Pictures

Dreads are not a fashion statement! Especially if they look so lazy they land Angelina Jolie on this list twice. Guess it’s true that no one can have it all, no matter how beautiful they are. Look away!

#17 Jane’s bangs (Big Little Lies, Season 2.)

Source: HBO

What’s happening here? If the idea was to highlight Jane’s look as a single mom, well, it works. Sort of. This blunt and short bang almost makes Shailene Woodley look 10 years older. It just did not work. Periodt.

#18 Lucas’s gelled hair(One Tree Hill, Season 9.)

Source: The CW

After leaving in Season 6, the heartthrob Lucas’s coming back in Season 9 of One Tree Hill is very anticipated. Until we saw his matted hair. Absolutely ruined. Thankfully, he comes back as Riverdale’s resident cult leader, so we can continue to dream about him harvesting our organs anytime… wait, what?

#19 Jenny’s extensions (Gossip Girl.)

Source: The CW

Extensions could make or break a girl’s do. In Jenny’s case, the halfway rattail ponytail and braids that split into thinner tendrils in the front look messy. Not to mention, these magical tendrils were straight in one episode and curly in the next. Why?

#20 And finally, Loki (Avengers franchise.)

Source: Marvel

Loki’s hair is an acquired taste. It looks like it was styled with shoe polish, and is not even smooth. He looks like an understudy for Snape. He certainly gets the greasy hair down. No offense to Tom Hiddleston, he is still very hot!