15+ Details Of Villains In Harry Potter That Make You Bewildered

One weird point in Harry Potter is that everyone, who has the intention to harm and hurt Harry Potter, is considered an antagonist or bad guy, such as the Malfoy family, the Dursley family, and Ministry of Magic employees like Dolores Umbridge (of course, Lord Voldemort is the best antagonist as well as the person who want to kill Harry the most). But eventually, they are not as bad as people thought. Some of them later became protagonists and did good things, which shows the interesting points of the movie plots.
To understand the personalities of these hard-to-understand characters, we absolutely have to pay more attention to them as well as details about them. As a result, we can dig deeper into their traits and characteristics, followed by paving the way for major revelations and predictions of not only villains but also movies storylines. Below are 16 details of Harry Potter antagonists that you wish to know earlier.

1. Narcissa Malfoy Indeed Saved The Wizarding World

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2. Professor Minerva McGonagall Consciously Disturbed Uncle Vernon Because Of His Evil Nature

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3. Umbridge Is Never The Last Person Hogwarts Professors Wanted To Talk With

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4. Petunia Was Referring To Severus Snape And Not James Potter

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5. They're All Just A Boy

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6. Scabbers Wasn't Transformed Because He Was The Human Peter Pettigrew

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7. The Death Eater Dark Mark Is A Reference To Voldemort's Soul Fragments

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8. Voldemort Aged 71 With 7 Horcruxes, Dumbledore Aged 115 With None

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9. Noone Even His Old Teacher Realized Him.

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10. Harry And Ron Had Predicted The Return Of Voldemort

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11. Love Is The Priceless Thing

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12. The Death Eaters Had Appointed Seating Positions

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13. The Basilisk Is The Culprit Of The D.A. Meetings' Location Change

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14. Voldemort Didn't Teach Gilderoy Lockhart Due To His Pure Skills

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15. Killing Sirius Is Far From Bellatrix's Intention

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16. Tom Riddle Was The Biggest Lord Voldemort Fan

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