30 Celebs As Classic Paintings From Kyesone That Are Absolutely Gorgeous

celebrities are many ways the modern nobles. They have status, they have wealth, and they are well known and well-respected. The comparison is apt. This is why this French Instagram artist Kyesone has digitally created paintings that emulate classical portraits. In the past, portraits were one of the most iconic signs of status. It costs a fortune just to commission one. Nowadays, the medium of painted portraits has become something niche, only used to emulate the essence of the regal elegance of the past.
The paintings do not only feature celebrities composited into classical paintings, but also include details of some of their most iconic works. For example, Miyazaki is drawn with his animated creations of Studio Ghibli, and Mark Hamill is holding his green lightsaber.
Kyès does not just portray figures of global status, such as Johnny Depp, Billie Eilish, Rihanna, Mick Jagger, etc. They've also used their talents to showcase some more obscure actors and musicians, perhaps more well-known in French-speaking countries.
Overall, the artist has over 60k followers on Instagram, but wouldn't mind getting some more. So follow them if you have enjoyed their work and want to support the artist!

#1 Madonna - Kyesone

Source: kyesone

#2 Sade

Source: kyesone

#3 Mick Jagger

#4 Forest Whitaker

#5 Al Pacino (As Tony Montana)

#6 Snoop Dogg

#7 Michael Jackson - Kyesone

#8 Amy Winehouse

#9 Jay-Z & Beyonce

#10 Ice Cube - Kyesone

#11 Eminem

#12 Billie Eilish

#13 Erykah Badu

#14 Rihanna

#15 Jimi Hendrix

#16 André 3000

#17 Hayao Miyazaki

#18 Anya Taylor-Joy

#19 Donald Glover

#20 Katy Perry

#21 Kurt Cobain

#22 Johnny Depp

#23 Adele

#24 Daft Punk

#25 Queen Latifah

#26 Sean Connery

#27 Björk

#28 Debbie Harry

#29 Mark Hamill

#30 Carrie Fisher

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