17 Celebrities Who Were Famous For Their Natural Beauty In The ’90s Vs Now

The 1990s was an amazing decade when it marked the breakthrough of many Hollywood stars. Many of you guys cannot forget the song: "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears or the sitcom "Friends" where you were impressed by the beauty of Jenifer Aniston playing Rachel Green. It's been 20 to 30 years since that days. Many celebrities have stuck around while others have left Hollywood behind. Whatsoever, have you ever wondered what these '90s celebrities look like now?
William Butler Yeats had Itever said: “ The only enemy of innocence and beauty is time”. There are many things that can not stand the test of time, and one of them is beauty. Even the most beautiful and famous actresses also can not avoid this law of nature. However, the thing that makes them stand out in the Entertainment industry is their aura of elegance, confidence, and charm. Moreover, without the intervention of plastic surgery, they still preserve the natural contours of their faces.
Let’s look at these 20 celebrities when they were young vs now and tell us which one is your favorite look in the comment sector.

#1. Britney Spears


#2. Jennifer Aniston

Source: Bei, David Fisher

#3. Salma Hayek

Source: East News, MICHAEL TRAN

#4. Cindy Crawford

Source: John Barrett,Casey Flanigan

#5. Sandra Bullock

Source: Buena Vista Pictures, Allen J. Schaben

#6. Alicia Silverstone

Source: Photolink, Gregory Pace

#7. Jennifer Lopez

Source: Courtesy Everett Collection, Matt Baron

#8. Angelina Jolie

Source: Dave Lewis, MediaPunch

#9. Heidi Klum

Source: Erik Pendzich, Rob Latour

#10. Charlize Theron

Source: Dave Lewis, Rob Latour

#11. Reese Witherspoon


#12. Penélope Cruz

Source: Robert Millard, Stephen Lovekin

#13. Monica Bellucci

Source: Shutterstock, Maria Laura Antonelli

#14. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Source: Neville Marriner, catherinezetajones

#15. Melanie Griffith

Source: Dave Lewis, David Fisher

#16. Demi Moore

Source: Shutterstock, Matt Baron

#17. Michelle Pfeiffer

Source: Courtesy Everett Collection, Shutterstock

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