20 Anonymous Stories Of The Weirdest Reasons Why Couples Divorced

Finding the right is not easy. Especially, maintaining the relationship strong is more challenging. Because each individual is like a unique piece of the puzzle, having their own characteristics, habits, likes and dislikes, the dissonance may cause some arguments or conflicts at times. But to the point of breaking up and divorce, the reasons for that might be extremely big.
However, some couples broke up for no reason, or for nonsense reasons. Thanks to Redditors and u/KlyonneSpencer, we can share the strangest reasons why couples have split up as told by divorce lawyers themselves! Here are 20 anonymous stories of the weirdest reasons why these couples broke up. Scroll down to check them out. And please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

#1. Sliding Marriages

#2. "He didn't like the way I talked"

#3. Linguistic Liability

#4. Taking too long to tell a story

#5. Sneaky Spiritualist

#6. Family Ties

#7. Mama’s Boy

#8. A bookie $70,000

#9. Being a 'Super Christian'

#10. The husband would not stop feeding the dog

#11. Psychic Hotline

#12. Not having hair on chest and not driving fast enough

#13. A complex and literally needed

#14. Asking one question for 7 years

#15. Refusing to pay ransom

#16. Talking crap about the partner's dogs to friends

#17. Bringing his mother on their honeymoon

#18. Being a strict vegetarian

#19. Petty doesn’t cover it

#20. Mom knows best

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