TikToker Went Viral For Pointing Out Uncanny Resemblances Of 22 Celebrity Pairs

Have you ever seen two celebrities who look just like each other? They might have the same smile, same eye color, or even facial expressions. They look so alike that you start wondering whether they are related whatsoever. Science shows there's about a one in 135 chance that a pair of complete doppelgängers exist somewhere in the world. Some people have shared that they accidentally find their doppelgängers while scrolling through social platforms.
Back to the doppelgängers of the celebs, a woman has recently gone viral on TikTok as she points out uncanny resemblances of 22 celebrity pairs. She places their images side by side, compares them, and surprisingly, finds the similarities. They look so alike to some extent. Dax Shepard looks much like Zach Braff, or Tom Hardy And Logan Marshall-Green looks like brothers. Amazing! However, if you look closer, you may also spot some differences. If you have an eagle eye, just scroll down and find the likeness and unlikeness between these celebrities. Have fun!

#1 Dax Shepard And Zach Braff

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Dax Shepard And Zach BraffSource: David Shankbone, David Shankbone

Look like the same person who gets older, right?

#2 Tom Hardy And Logan Marshall-Green

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Tom Hardy And Logan Marshall-GreenSource: Gage Skidmore, Elemgy

I often wonder why actors who resemble each other like this are never cast as brothers in movies.

#3 Maia Mitchell And Bailee Madison

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Maia Mitchell And Bailee MadisonSource: Toglenn, Walt Disney Television

Take a good look at the eyes and the eyebrows, they look like copy-pasted, LOL.

#4 Margot Robbie And Jaime Pressly

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Margot Robbie And Jaime PresslySource: Patrick L., Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group

I thought these were the same person right up until suicide squad:v

#5 Timothée Chalamet And Natalia Dyer

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Timothée Chalamet And Natalia DyerSource: Maximilian Bühn, Gage Skidmore

Jawline alert! And their noses, eyes, eyebrows, and smiles are the same! And the hair is one appointment's difference!

#6 Steve Carell And Alice Cooper

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Steve Carell And Alice CooperSource: Eva Rinaldi, Super Festivals

Not even close! For something fun: This more like me first day at work vs me after a week (sorry Alice Cooper i still love you)

#7 Carrie Fisher And Stevie Nicks

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Carrie Fisher And Stevie NicksSource: Alan Light, Awil916

I have been saying this for years.

#8 Javier Bardem And Jeffrey Morgan

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Javier Bardem And Jeffrey MorganSource: Yaira Resto, Abc

They are more like brothers.

#9 Natalie Portman And Keira Knightley

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Natalie Portman And Keira KnightleySource: Gordon Correll, The Standard

Isn't there a story that Portman's mom couldn't tell them apart on the set of Star Wars?

#10 Chad Smith And Will Ferrell

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Chad Smith And Will FerrellSource: Fermatta Escuela de Música, Guillermo Quezada

They've had some fun with the resemblance.

#11 Timothy Olyphant And Josh Duhamel

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Timothy Olyphant And Josh DuhamelSource: Peabody Awards, Daniel Ogren

I'm ALWAYS confused when I see a movie with them! I'm a big fan of one of them and I have no idea of which!!

#12 Leighton Meester And Minka Kelly

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Leighton Meester And Minka KellySource: David Shankbone, Eva Rinald

#13 Joe Anderson And Kurt Cobain

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Joe Anderson And Kurt CobainSource: Gage Skidmore, Julie Kramer

Same lips. That's all

#14 Jessica Chastain And Bryce Dallas Howard

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Jessica Chastain And Bryce Dallas HowardSource: jessicachastain, brycedhoward

Honestly, the only resemblance is that they have red hair. The eye colors and face shapes are totally different. Can't see the resemblances.

#15 Michael B. Jordan And Nick Cannon

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Michael B. Jordan And Nick CannonSource: Greg Hernandez, David Shankbone

Some people said that they were so confused when reading an article about Jordan and the photo of him just felt out of place.

#16 Katy Perry And Zooey Deschanel

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Katy Perry And Zooey DeschanelSource: GillyBerlin, diginmag

They are simply fair-skinned, blue-eyed brunettes with bangs. It's like the one is the celebrity and the other is the fan that wants to look like the celebrity.

#17 Lili Reinhart And Brittany Murphy

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Lili Reinhart And Brittany MurphySource: Gage Skidmore, Luisa Pisani

Just a little!

#18 Angus Cloud And Mac Miller

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Angus Cloud And Mac MillerSource: anguscloud, macmiller

They just have the same haircut and beard. Their faces don't look alike.

#19 Selena Gomez And Lucy Hale

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Angus Cloud And Mac MillerSource: Rogue Artists, Renan Katayama

Selena Gomez is actually really pretty - this a horrible photo of her!

#20 Amy Adams And Isla Fisher

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Amy Adams And Isla FisherSource: aphrodite-in-nyc, islafisher

Another example that they find them similar just because they have red hair!

#21 Skeet Ulrich And Johnny Depp

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Skeet Ulrich And Johnny DeppSource: Paramount Pictures Studios, Georges Biard

They don't look alike at all. Noone looks like Johnny Depp

#22 Joey Bragg And Brendon Urie

Uncanny Resemblances, Celebrity Pairs, Joey Bragg And Brendon UrieSource: joeybragg, brendonurie

I have no clue who Joey Bragg is, but Brendon Urie is the lead singer of Panic!
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