20 Exciting Posts About Mei Lee From "Turning Red"

Recently, Disney Pixar's newest movie "Turning Red" has taken the world by storm.
"Turning Red" introduced audiences to Meilin "Mei" Lee, a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian student. One day, she realizes that whenever she becomes very excited or stressed, she will transform into a massive red panda. This turns out to be a curse passed down from her forefathers, but the curse can be prevented by a particular ritual. However, at the end of the movie, Mei knows herself for who she is and what she desires and she finally keeps her red panda.
From the release day, Mei Lee has quickly become a loved heroine because of her endearingly funny and awkwardness. Especially, Mei Lee's transformation into a huge red panda has created many discussions on social media. Here are some of the best posts shared by fans about Mei Lee that we've never seen before.
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#1 Like mother like daughter

Source: jurassicamper

#2 A sweet moment

Source: vilmublue

#3 Lilo and Mei Lee would have been friends

Source: timelytoony

#4 The incredible backgrounds

Source: angelbeauu

#5 Mei gave Ming the courage

Source: passionfruitbowls

#6 ’Turning Red’ was subtle about puberty

Source: biored-arts

#7 The power of an angry mother

Source: lunadove

#8 The meaning of Mei’s colors

Source: em8ambitions

#9 Everyone was way too chill about being around a giant panda

Source: gncatelier

#10 The parallel's between Mei and her mother, Ming

Source: dangerclaw

#11 Every child’s worst fear

Source: biored-arts

#12 Representation matters

Source: hinatabokkosu

#13 ‘Turning Red’ nailed the pain of cringy teenage years

Source: Tanyaterallee

#14 Tyler didn’t have a crush on Mei Lee

Source: forgetful-nerd

#15 Character-centric stories are better than conflict-centric stories

Source: noellie-ellie

#16 Notebooks are a very private things

Source: lizleeships

#17 Mei Lee’s quirky animations choices were a vibe

Source: akclarke

#18 Mei Lee was an extremely relatable character

Source: PeachieAngel

#19 Mei Lee still has to go through a major change

Source: marauders4evr

#20 ‘Turning Red’ teaches us to not be afraid of who we are

Source: doodle-empress66

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