Can Deadpool Teams Up With Moon Knight In The Future MCU Project?

Shawn Levy will film Deadpool 3, the Merc with a Mouth's first step into the MCU, it was just announced. Followers were overjoyed at the news, thanks to the development Ryan Reynolds and Levy had with their collaboration on Netflix's record-breaking film The Adam Project. There's no news on when the third Deadpool film will be released, but that hasn't stopped people from guessing how Levy's film will look.
nullNobody knows who else might appear in the film because it is still under development. Given the MCU's penchant for cameos and cross-promotion, it's a fair guess that someone else from the franchise will show up.
While it would be fun to watch Shang-Chi or Doctor Strange chit-chat with Deadpool, one new companion would be a wonderful match. Moon Knight could be the edgiest MCU character yet, which makes him the ideal companion for Deadpool.
After the first episode of Marvel's Moon Knight, one thing is clear: the show will have to draw its blows. Even if they do it ingeniously, the producers frequently clip past violent violence and avoid showing too much blood.
The same may be said about the comedy in the program. Steven Grant is played by Oscar Isaac with a genuine discomfort that might be absolutely hilarious if his vocabulary had no bounds. Putting the character of Moon Knight in an R-rated context might help to completely realize the already distinctive Marvel character.
nullAnd it would be reasonable for Marvel to do so in Deadpool 3, given Moon Knight's separation from the rest of the franchise. The project's departure from standard MCU material drew both Isaac and co-star Ethan Hawke to it in the first place.
This demonstrates Moon Knight's desire to push the boundaries and the creative team's readiness to look outside the box when it refers to what the character can contribute to the narrative.
The pairing of Deadpool and Moon Knight when they both join the MCU almost speaks out. The two are extreme opposites, which makes for an ideal buddy comedy pairing. To discover who would emerge victoriously, the two would have to battle, and given that both heroes have identical healing skills, the fight might be extremely hilarious if planned effectively.
Moon Knight's primary director, Mohamed Diab, hinted at the character's humorous potential anytime he meets with other Marvel characters. Imagine Deadpool's annoyance as he attempts to communicate with Steven as he switches between personas.
nullWhile Deadpool is the main character in his flicks, he usually has a sidekick who plays the straight guy. Previous characters like Domino and Cable are not expected to return, according to Marvel Studios and the performers. If they don't, someone else will have to step in to fill the void, and viewers will be intrigued to see who that person is.
Deadpool 3 doesn't need to reimagine Deadpool for the MCU, but it does need to include his very distinct persona into a very large series. Moon Knight is the ideal supporting character to assist in the smooth changeover.
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