10 Most Powerful Super-Villains In Large Franchises, Ranked By Power

Although supervillains are most commonly associated with comic books and their big-screen adaptations, the term may be used to refer to characters that exist outside of the original media. The term 'super' suggests that they have a particular ability or augmentation that sets them apart from other characters, but the term 'villain' denotes their malicious activities or bad inclinations.
Even though many of the best movie supervillains come from comic-book adaptations, many of the best movie antagonists are dangerous enough to be classified as supervillains. In terms of strength and power, there are a number of cinematic supervillains who rank alongside live-action comic book supervillains.

1. Sauron was a powerful entity and necromancer capable of easily defeating armies on his alone.

nullThe dark celestial entity is known as Sauron, a great artificer and necromancer who assembled his dark legions to seize control of Middle-earth, was a looming menace in both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings franchises. Sauron, in his most powerful form, ripped through armies of humans and elves on his own, sending troops flying across the battlefield with each strike. Sauron's Evil Eye retained dominion over the kingdom of Mordor and wielded enormous power that persisted to endanger Middle-earth even after his body was shattered when the One Ring was severed from his grasp.

2. General Zod Is A Kryptonian With A Wide Range Of Powers, Including Super-Strength.

nullGeneral Zod, a powerful Kryptonian, has appeared on the big screen multiple times over the decades, and in both instances, he was able to defeat Superman, who is regarded as one of the most mighty superheroes in both the comics and the movies. While Terence Stamp portrayed Zod in Superman: The Movie and Superman II, he was wiser and more calculated. Michael Shannon's portrayal of the character in Man of Steel, on the other hand, stands out for his violence and aggression.

3. Thanos Is A Cruel Cosmic Dictator Who Has Increased His Power Since Obtaining The Infinity Gauntlet

nullThe Mad Titan Thanos, a cosmic conqueror who used his army to take over planets while attempting to 'restore balance' by killing out half of their people, was the greatest antagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When he acquired the strong Infinity Stones that granted him authority over the universe's fundamental forces, he determined to complete his mission. While Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet is extremely strong and virtually impossible to defeat, he is also a formidable fighter when he is not wearing it. Thanos fought and almost defeated the Avengers' most powerful members before succumbing to the Infinity Stones' strength.

4. Magneto's manipulation of magnetism makes him a terrifyingly serious and destructive foe.

nullThe live-action X-Men trilogy included a variety of supervillains that posed a threat to the mutant heroes with their astounding abilities, but Magneto with his mastery of magnetic forces proved to be the most constant and deadly of the group. Fans got to witness Magneto in his prime as well as after years of experience since the franchise starred Sir Ian Mckellan as the elder Magneto and Michael Fasbender as Erik Lensherr, who was younger. Magneto is one of the most powerful movie supervillains, and both incarnations of the character demonstrated numerous very impressive abilities.

5. Darth Vader's power derives from his control of the Force as well as his lightsaber talents.

nullDarth Vader from the Star Wars trilogy is another cinematic supervillain who may not be as physically powerful as some of his competitors, but he's strong enough, and his control of the evil side of the Force is more than compensates for his lack of superhuman strength. His mastery of the Force granted him extraordinary telepathic skills, allowing him to kill his foes just by clenching his palm. Darth Vader was a talented warrior whose proficiency with a lightsaber and ferocity on the battlefield made him a well-known menace throughout the galaxy. Although Darth Vader achieved forgiveness in his closing moments, he will forever be remembered as one of the Sith's deadliest and most powerful lords.

6. The Terminator Has Launched Several Deadly Cyber Killer Units

null1984's The titular sophisticated robotic assassin was sent back in time to kill the mother of the future rebel revolution's commander in The Terminator. The T-800, a formidable robot with extraordinary strength and endurance that was wrapped in artificial skin to mix in and withstand the journey through time, was the first terrifying machine. Each sequel presented a supposedly more powerful Terminator, whose forms spanned from liquid metal to superior nanotechnology, allowing them to grow their strength and lethal powers even further. Even though Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800 was an ancient model, he managed to hold his own against the more capable Terminators of the day.

7. Brixton Lore was given superior technology to become "Black Superman."

nullThe Fast & Furious franchise featured a slew of terrifying adversaries. Brixton Lore, performed by Idris Elba, was, without a question, the most powerful. Lore debuted as a mercenary in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, where he was augmented with futuristic technology that boosted his response quickness and strength tremendously. Lore was a super-soldier known as the "Black Superman" who served for a high-tech covert organization tasked with eradicating half of the world's population. He demonstrated several astounding feats of strength that gave him his self-assigned moniker, albeit he was completely reliant on the secret high-tech company for which he worked to keep his body in good shape.

8. Bane's brute potential had peaked, and he had been prepared by the League of Shadows.

nullIn Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy conclusion, The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy brought the DC villain Bane to light on the big screen. The live incarnation had trained his body to maximum muscular endurance, whilst the comic version had been augmented by an addictive strength-enhancing substance known as venom. He'd also been trained as a very adept assassin by the League of Shadows, which allowed him to take over the organization once its previous leader died. Bane's strength, knowledge, and combat prowess made him a formidable opponent, even for Batman.

9. Lord Voldemort lacked physical strength, but he possessed tremendous magical abilities.

nullThe evil wizard known as Lord Voldemort was the greatest menace in the Harry Potter film series. Voldemort's initial attempt to seize control of the Ministry of Magic and murder young Harry led to his being dubbed "He Who Must Not Be Named" across the world of harry potter. After returning from death in a weakened form, Voldemort wasn't a physically scary antagonist. His magical talent, on the other hand, was unrivaled, and he had no qualms about utilizing lethal curses and evil magic to prolong his life and strengthen his power.

10. Khan was a bioengineered tyrant with superior muscle and intelligence.

nullThe formidable and clever Khan Noonien Singh (played by Ricardo Montalban) originally appeared in Star Trek: The Original Series and then again in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in 1982. In the 2013 film Star Trek Into Darkness, a revamped version of the character debuted in the current franchise. Khan was the result of a chosen breeding facility that genetically altered better people, allowing him to gain control of the majority of Earth before being cryogenically frozen. Khan's extraordinary intelligence made him a tactical genius who confronted the Federation's greatest thinkers, and his augmented strength was just half of what made him such a dangerous supervillain.
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