30 Pet-Thieves That Were Caught Red-Pawed When Stealing Food

Cats and dogs are not shy about their love for food. Whenever they notice or sniff food near them, they will show off their begging skills and do everything in their power to get some. Honestly, they never fail to beg for something because no one can ignore their cute eyes and silly faces. But sometimes, some pets are not patient enough to wait for our permission. Instead of begging and waiting, they will choose the fastest way: stealing our food. At first, our adorable four-legged friends show all innocent and holy on their faces to beg for food. But as soon as we turn our gaze, they will back to their scheming ways.
Unfortunately, they are not successful all the time. Sometimes they get caught red-pawed in the act of stealing food. Even if we forgive them, it doesn’t mean they won’t steal our food again. Here are some pet-thieves who tried to sneakily get their paws on human food. Scroll down to see! We are sure that these thieves will make you laugh out loud.

#1 Want lipstick but it’s too expensive? Stuff yer face with watermelon.

Source: miguelcolinart

#2 Bread thief

Source: ailinabduction

#3 Keep on walking. Nothing to see here.

Source: berkeunsal

#4 It’s like a bank vault for his treasure!

Source: Ragdemot

#5 Our rescue Cooper’s first meal was a sandwich he stole from the table. Fast forward 5 years later and now he has his very own sandwich shop.

Source: Melflorez

#6 My friends dog Isabelle who stole all our hoagie rolls!

Source: SpoopySpagooter

#7 Cat returns with sausage stolen from unknown neighbors bbq...

Source: erigunn

#8 He stole my croissant and thinks I won’t notice.

Source: janitroll

#9 Egg Thief

Source: bbykaat


Source: tfro9

#11 I Regret Nothing!

Source: Unknown

#12 Smoked Fish Thief

Source: Unknown

#13 Cat ruined cake

Source: Bill1978

#14 My dog decided to steal a squash the neighbor left on the porch for us. This was the look she gave when we tried to take it back.

Source: Smilf13

#15 Busted

Source: serisho

#16 Cat busted trying to touch the cinnamon rolls.

Source: Imgur

#17 Disguised Thief

Source: Unknown

#18 I didn’t steal the egg… promise

Source: canvas_andcopper

#19 You little thief...?!! Back off, it's mine, all mine!

Source: mirjaekholm3

#20 Her face after I caught her eating an entire loaf of sliced bread.

Source: Cauzix

#21 Milk Burglars

Source: onemillionpictures

#22 Cute thief, stole my mini pancake.

Source: FiredBoy

#23 Look at those eyes, you can't even punish him, he is too cute.

Source: HogaVII

#24 Toothless!

Source: Yoshinao Tanaka

#25 Pizza Thief

Source: pennywicky

#26 The Nefarious Mr. Sugar Paws caught red-handed trying to steal some raw cauliflower, which is inexplicably one of his favorite foods to nom.

Source: a2gemma

#27 Sausage Burglar

Source: Unknown

#28 Caught a Christmas Thief

Source: bakertilly_cake

#29 My kitten steals everything, including the food in my fridge.

Source: NedenLotus

#30 Mr. Muffins stealing a muffin.

Source: ArmageddonWasp

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