30 Startling Sights That Stopped Us Still

Sometimes, life could be mundane. Other times, though, it feels like we are in a video game and glitches happen. Situations that feel like they shouldn't exist but they do, and it really makes you question reality. How could that have happened in the first place, you wonder? What string of decisions made by the objects' owners could ever result in these sights being the way they are?
Here are 30 startling sights we have put together that, if you ever encounter them in real life, would definitely stop you still and you would even take pictures to capture these rare, once-in-a-blue-moon instances.

#1 There is no right answer to how this wheel got there.

#2 “Accidentally left a Coke can face down in a forest, came back a year later to find it like this.”

#3 “We found these scissors while remodeling a laundry room, and they are probably from like 50 years ago. They are used to cut wrapping paper.”

#4 “Someone hung lost glasses on this tree next to the hiking trail.”

#5 A plane in the middle of a forest in Oregon

#6 “This statue was found in an abandoned house.”

#7 “I absolutely love this abandoned ship we found today.”

#8 “My friend and I stumbled upon an abandoned building, and when we went inside, we discovered that it was a bank.”

#9 “My friends and I found this frame out behind an abandoned cotton mill. Decided to have some fun with it.”

#10 “An abandoned house in the Republic of Karelia, Russia”

#11 “Has anyone lost a camera, like 80 years ago at Eagle Creek?”

#12 “These statues I saw the other day”

#13 “An abandoned villa in Iran”

#14 “Make a wish.”

#15 “Hello?”

#16 The watches with a terrarium inside

#17 “The way my chai latte froze in the car”

#18 Behind a movie theater screen

#19 A spiderweb can hold at least a tablespoon of water. It’s remarkable how strong it is.

#20 “I saw a pink pigeon on a UK high street.”

#21 “Every time I assembled an IKEA piece of furniture, this thing was always left over.”

#22 “The tropical fruit I bought included a pink pineapple.”

#23 “It’s snowing sticks instead of flakes today.”

#24 This limited edition Pepsi bottle

#25 Seedless kiwi

#26 “I saw this electric Nutella dispenser in Germany.”

#27 This is a $1,000 bill.

#28 “I got an avocado with 2 pits.”

#29 “The Chinese restaurant I went to has MSG as one of the condiments.”

#30 “I found this little guy when hunting in the stockroom. It’s a 1 ml beaker.”

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