"Game of Thrones": 11 Mistakes That Viewers Noticed, But You Missed

A great amount of work is required to create a show. However, it's not ensured that there won't be any mistakes to be found after its release. The most talented directors, showrunners, and actors make mistakes every once in a while. An obvious example is the epic fantasy series - Game of Thrones.
Game of Thrones is one of the most talked-about television series of all time. The early seasons of the show were so successful that they catapulted the fantasy series and the actors working on it to international stardom. Although the early seasons of Game of Thrones were rated high, the show was never perfect. Like every other television series, it had its share of mistakes.
From the plot holes that even eagle-eyed fans didn’t notice to sets that weren’t historically accurate to scenarios that could not have been scientifically possible, there have been quite a few questionable moments throughout the show’s history. Keep reading to read about 11 major mistakes you missed in Game of Thrones.
Anyway, it's all good, Game of Thrones. We still love you.

#1 Winterfell is lined in hand holes

Is that wall with ready holes too easy for people to climb in? Obviously, these holes are intentionally made so that the actor can easily make his way up. But in fact, there is no medieval castle having such holes readily in place.

#2 Dany’s hair doesn’t burn but everything else does

Dany's hair seems to be made from a fireproof material? Just kidding, but while everything burns, the wooden pyre is incinerated. Mirri Maz Duur and Khal Drogo are reduced to ashes, and her clothing is burned, her hair isn’t burnt or singed or blackened.

#3 The walking skeletons

It's unreasonable when skeletons are able to walk in the last episode of season four. After their years under the snow, the bones would have broken apart or rotted along with the rest of their bodies. But it's a fictional movie, yes, it is.

#4 Dany falls in love with her rapist

Khal Drogo rapes Dany because he can't ask her due to the language barrier. But mere episodes later Dany comes to love Drogo. In fact, no one can love a person who rapes them.

#5 There is a just-audible chime signal that someone nearby had received an email in this scene

The scene in question sees Margaery giving out toys to the orphans of Fleas Bottom when a just-audible chime signal that someone nearby had received an email. We can only guess that Margaery didn’t click to not receive chain mail.

#6 Dany hates slaves but she takes advantage of them and her action is thought as a noble deed

This story is about Dany's adventure to different places to free slaves. But we know that she didn't actually buy the Unsullied, she just pretended that she did. She freed them and then they chose to follow her anyway. Which is fair enough.
Dany doesn’t care for any of her people as individuals, and rather only keeps them around her so that they can continue to do things for her.

#7 A problem related to rampant homosexuality

Homosexuality is frowned upon severely in the setting of Game of Thrones. Yet everybody seems to know that Renly was gay and he still had a large following anyway.

#8 Robb and Jon's hair grows quickly

In the first episode, before King Roberts's journey to WinterfellRobb and Jon have their hair cut and beards trimmed. But later, when they find the direwolf pups, their hair has miraculously grown longer and their beards have returned. The continuity problems within Game of Thrones are seen from the very beginning.

#9 Missing skylights

An obvious mistake is that in the first season, skylights were previously seen in Tyrion’s sky cell but they vanished completely when a wider shot is given.

#10 Drogo melts gold quickly

When Khal Drogo prepares to give Viserys his golden crown, the gold melts extraordinarily quickly. This wasn’t scientifically accurate because pure gold has a melting point of 1945 degrees Fahrenheit.

#11 Winterfell is left undefended

While Robb's attack on the Lannister armies in defense of his father’s beheading is meticulously mapped out, he seemed to leave two brothers, heirs, and the only people who can carry on the Stark name should he die. And Theon takes his chance of revenge and takes over Winterfell.
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