Prehistoric Kish Tablet Indicates Humans Interbred With An Extraterrestrial Race

What if the main cause that we have been failing to identify the whereabouts of extraterrestrials is because we ourselves are aliens all along? Prepare yourself, as prehistoric records indicate that humans have indeed interbred with an outer space race. The theory states that the probability are quite high.

One of the earliest prehistoric documents ever on Earth, the Kish Tablet, has recently been unearthed in present Iraq, where the ancient Sumerian city of Kish once stood. The tablet dates back to 3,500 BC, stating that Kish was the earliest metropolis to have kings following the deluge.

Among the kings stood out the name of Kullassina-bel, which means “All of them were lord” in Akkadian language. Archaeologists indicates that this were meant to denote the lack of central authority in Kish.

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Scientists also thought that the prehistoric record appeared before the cuneiform inscriptions of the Sumerians and the Egyptian hieroglyphs by nearly 100 years. One of mankind’s greatest achievements that classified us out of the animal kingdoms, the written language, after its introduction, has led us through significant periods and remarkable breakthroughs.

Despite the fact that our evolution on this planet hasn’t been quite long, our accomplishments up to now is truly, incredible. So why is human race the only one to have developed technological intellect?

Please don’t get this wrong, because there are certain constraints to human’s abilities. We are not well facilitated to live in a wide range of environments; in fact, we are kind of confined in our survival conditions. We humans are a little bit enigmatic compared to other animal races. Our babies are given birth before they are neurologically prepared for life.

That’s an absolute unusual thing happening in the animal kingdom. With our intellects come remarkable vulnerabilities. With our move to being bipedal, we made strides, but our species has paid the price. This and the lumbar pain that we face as a result of our achievements could give us some insight into our species, according to a new theory proposed by Dr. Ellis Silver.

Dr. Silver believes there are several tell-tale signs that the human race did not evolve alongside other lifeforms on Earth. In his book, Silver evaluates thirteen leading hypothesis and seventeen factors to support his claim that humans are not from this planet. According to Silver, Neanderthals were most likely crossbred with another species from the star system Alpha Centauri—one of the closest solar systems to Earth.
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