5 Ways Doctor Fate Is Far Superior To MCU Doctor Strange

In many ways, Doctor Fate from DC and Doctor Strange from Marvel are remarkably similar. In the DC and Marvel realms, each has comparable roles to play. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange has already debuted. Both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame featured him in supporting roles. The Doctor is the most renowned wizard in the Marvel Universe, and he has been defending the universe against many dangers. Doctor Fate, on the other hand, appears in the DC world. Doctor Fate wields the Nabu Helmet and has been defending the planet from large and minor dangers since World War II.
Comparisons between the two are unavoidable with this resemblance in the backdrop. Which of the two is the more powerful? In a fight between the two, who would win? Doctor Fate, we feel, has the upper hand. In fact, we've compiled a list of five reasons why Doctor Strange isn't quite as powerful as Doctor Fate.

1. Dr. Fate Is Physically Stronger!

nullWithout his spells, Dr. Strange is basically worthless. Without his magic, he has the strength of an average person. As a result, he is extremely vulnerable to attacks and enemies. Furthermore, Dr. Strange's past reveals that he isn't much of a warrior and depends entirely on his spells to defeat his foes. Dr. Fate, on the other hand, possesses Nabu, who grants him incredible energy and might. While he isn't the greatest, he certainly outclasses Strange in this area and has demonstrated great superiority across the board. After all, fighting foes requires more than just spells, and when it comes to an all-around superhero-like Dr. Fate, physical strength and fighting expertise are essential.

2. Dr. Fate Has Nabu

nullDr. Fate is never alone, as the Helmet of Nabu keeps Dr. Nabu with him at all times. While Dr. Fate is no pushover and a formidable force in his own position, he is accompanied by Nabu. Dr. Fate has a powerful ally in Nabu, who has lived for thousands of years and has near-Godlike strength and powers. Regardless of the opponent, Dr. Fate's ally almost always tips the scales in his favor.

3. Wealth Of Experience

nullDr. Fate possesses the Nabu Helmet, which houses Nabu himself. Nabu, a god-like entity with near-infinite strength, is capable of outmatching and outclassing any opponent that has disrupted the DC universe's tranquility. Dr. Fate has also been at work longer and has more experience than Dr. Strange. They are practically unstoppable when combined with Nabu's vast experience. Dr. Strange's powers pale in comparison. Experience is another area where the two have a significant gap in their skills. Due to the presence of Nabu, Dr. Strange is vastly outmatched by Dr. Fate in this aspect.

4. The All-Powerful Nabu!

nullThe difference between the two Doctors is Nabu. He is, without a doubt, the most crucial component on this list. As previously stated, Nabu is a Lord of Order. One of a group of creatures with near-infinite power who keep the cosmos in balance. Nothing even comes close to Dr. Strange's abilities. Nabu and Dr. Fate's squad has been able to vanquish many of the main challenges that the DC world has encountered so far, and the duo is set to do so in the future.

5. Wealth Of Spells

nullNabu is a veritable encyclopedia of Spells, and he knows more than Dr. Strange. It also helps that Nabu is a Lord of Order who has been around for millennia. Nabu has amassed a plethora of knowledge much exceeding that of Dr. Strange as a result of his long existence. Dr. Fate also possesses a Tower of Fate, which is devoid of doors and windows and crammed with innumerable spellbooks. Dr. Fate is reported to be in the tower researching all those books when he isn't rescuing the universe, so he doesn't have to rely on Nabu.
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