Cat Curiously Watches Water Droplet Fall From Faucet To Sink, It's Hilarious!

Meet Remy, a British Shorthair cat who loves to discover everything around her. She is popular in the internet thanks to her facial expressions to those of Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec. People love her not only her expression but also her chocolate fur and yellow-gold eyes. Honestly, she is a beautiful cat whom we can't stop looking at.

Source: Screenshot/ YouTube

Recently, Remy's owner shared a video of her watching a water drop fall from the tab on YouTube, with a comment: “This is Remy, a British Shorthair cat, who loves to study the hydrologic cycle from faucet to sink.”

Watch the hilarious video below:

When Remy sees the water drip, she can’t stop herself from staring. We don't know why she likes to watch the water drop, but one thing is for sure she is enamored with it.
When the owner shared the video, he just wanted to save it. However, it took over the internet and gained more than 160,000 views as people can’t get over Remy's facial expressions.

Source: Screenshot/ YouTube

Here is how people reacted to the video:

"That is an annoyingly tenacious little drop of water. What a pretty kitty! I love the chocolate fur and yellow-gold eyes," one viewer commented.
"What a beautiful, curious, creature. Fascinating, chocolate, intelligent gato. Thank you for sharing."
" What sorcery is this? I must harness the power."
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