Cuteness Alert: Herd Of Deer Gather Around Black Cat And Lick Him

Recently, a video of a herd of deer surrounding a black cat and licking it took the Internet by storm. People can't get enough of it and can't stop sharing it.
The footage was shared by ViralHog and shows the cat calmly lying down and letting the deer lick his fur. The cat got a very strange grooming session, and he felt quite relaxed by it.

Watch the cute video below:

People have speculated as to what was the cause of the strange behavior. Some thought that deer were being motherly while others said the cat's fur is a salty treat as it can contain dandruff that the deer view as a natural salt lick.
One person commented, “Deer, like most herbivores, require salt intake to help break down grasses, etc. consisting in their natural diet. Cats secrete salt naturally through their skin & collect it on their fur via salt trapped in the air moisture itself, hence free salt lick.”

Source: Screenshot/ YouTube

Another viewer wrote. “Cat dander is especially salty. Don’t ask me how,” they wrote. “That’s why they love this. It’s a natural salt lick for deer. My 3 cats love their deer herd that come through our yard each early morning…I never have to clean my cats after them…”
Whatever the reason, the video is incredible and shows the special relationship that can form between different species.

Source: Screenshot/ YouTube

“The cat is on cloud 9, he has truly found his personal STAFF team,” said one commenter.
Another viewer commented, “This is incredible. The Cat is enjoying every minute of it. Nothing but love. ”
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