Then And Now: 16 Celebrities's Transformations Over The Past Decade

Celebrities change appearances on a consistent basis; this is not really a secret. However, some celebrities have gone through some drastic transformations in a relatively short period of time. They are constantly scrutinized by the public for their appearance and behavior. Nevertheless, some of these transformations are so distinct that you might not believe they are of the same person if you compare the before and after images taken over a decade apart.
We make a list of celebrities who have changed dramatically in the last ten years or less. Among them are Kylie Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, and Elliot Page, to name a few. Some will leave you stunned and confused. Now scroll down and discover more!

#1 Caitlyn Jenner

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She got a nose job, breast augmentation, jaw contouring, tracheal shave, and beard removal to complete her gender transformation. The change was far from simple, but she completed it in 2015. She is now 72 years old and looks as beautiful as she ever has.

#2 Jared Leto

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Jared Leto is one of those actors who completely convince their roles. He would go to great lengths to change himself in order to fit the bill. Not only has he grown out his beard, but he has also grown out his hair, giving him the appearance of a dashing cowboy from the Wild West.

#3 Orlando Bloom

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His curly hair is still there, although it is typically trimmed to seem smooth for gatherings. He now sports ear piercings and a chiseled body that makes the mid-forties look like the new mid-thirties.

#4 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

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The Olsen twins began their careers as actresses but are now more well-known as fashion designers. They wore similar styles at first but soon developed their own.

#5 Kristen Stewart

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She went from Bella in "Twilight" to Princess Diana in "Spencer"! She has kept her unique appearance and looks incredibly stunning as she has moved from brunette to blonde.

#6 Elliot Page

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Elliot Page had always wanted to be a boy, and he had finally achieved his ambition. He was always seen as the woman he was born to be. He claims that after undergoing top surgery, he can now recognize himself when he looks in the mirror, despite the fact that he has long conditioned his mind as to who he is.

#7 Kim Kardashian

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If you want to talk about body evolution, Kim Kardashian just has to be a part of the conversation. Her stylish figure keeps on giving with all her curves in the right places.
Her face looks leaner, and her obsession with always being in shape and attaining her goal weight keeps her in tiptop shape for every event and social media activity.

#8 Kelly Osbourne

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The first things you notice about Kelly Osbourne are how her chubby face has slimmed down and how she has experimented with hair color. She went through a dramatic weight loss transformation, losing around 90 pounds. The journey was motivated by a desire to be healthy rather than by the public's perception of the optimum weight type.

#9 Bella Hadid

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The supermodel continues to experiment with various beauty techniques and has undergone one of the most incredible beauty changes. Plastic surgery may be seen in her more defined jawline, slimmer cheekbones, and eyelids.

#10 Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is one superstar who has undergone a remarkable yet uneasy transformation. Being exposed to celebrity at such a young age and having to grow up in the public eye, along with the pressures that surrounded him, resulted in serious drug usage, which harmed his whole health.
He appears to be healthier and happier now that he has overcome his issues and begun his life with Hailey Baldwin. The physical changes he has undergone over the last decade are as apparent as the differences between a growing adolescent and a mature adult. The mustache and tattoos are noticeable.

#11 Pierce Brosnan

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If anything should be shocking about this, it's the fact that he seems to have not aged one single day. Except for his reshaped beards and a few creases, he looks as good as he did ten years ago.

#12 Kylie Jenner


Kylie went from adorable, conservative clothing to more liberal outfits. Her bigger lips and other more defined features are noticeable as a consequence of lip injections. Despite her rejection of multiple surgery rumors, her changing body and face keep fans and haters alike talking.

#13 Billy Porter

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In the past ten years, Billy Porter's style has changed so much that the evolution is shocking. He constantly appears at award ceremonies and parties wearing something unique, from a bright pink cloak to an all-white ensemble, striped skirts, witch hats, gowns, and a pearl-encrusted pullover.

#14 Miley Cyrus

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She moved from Hannah Montana's rising star to a key power figure in the pop music industry by switching her darker tresses for lighter ones. With her distinct style, she turned from an innocent, gentle girl to a daring, courageous lady.

#15 Demi Lovato

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The singer has been on a journey to recovery and visible physique improvement after dealing with an eating issue and drug addiction. She has been able to take control of her health through diet and exercise. She is also accepting her body as it is, rather than striving for an unrealistic, unhealthy manner.

#16 Katy Perry

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She changed from a gospel singer to a pop star, as well as from brunette to blonde. The majority of the transformations in her appearance are the consequence of drastic hairstyle changes. She enjoys experimenting with colors. She has been spotted with both blue and pink hair, which she pulls off proudly. Now a mom, she has experienced some changes but remains as gorgeous as ever.
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