20 Women Who Ditched Beauty Stereotypes, Leaving Us In Awe

Please do not dismiss this post if you are having negative views about your physical appearance. It appears to cheer you up.
Beauty is an aesthetic concept, a cultural tradition, and sometimes a commercial product. It is also a powerful weapon for women, it's considered that attractive women have a better life. Who doesn’t love being beautiful? When you see something beautiful, you will definitely turn around and look again.
In this modern society, it is universally believed that: standards like wide eyes, a high nose, and lush lips aren't the only things that define beauty. The appearance of the ladies listed below has totally fought the ridiculous beauty standards we’re all facing. Their actions encourage women to break down stereotypes and have the courage to be themselves.

#1 “Ever since I was diagnosed with vitiligo I’ve been called ‘cow’ and ‘Dalmatian’, so I did a look inspired by that”.

Source: © gabrielaalsr / reddit

#2 “My first time in a bikini in public!” (transgender)

Source: © PineapplePlush / reddit

#3 “I’ve always hated my hair. And my mom grew up hating her freckles... so she always taught me that covering them is what you have to do. But now I’m kinda growing to like them”.

Source: © justicekacalek / reddit

#4 “You have pores, not flaws! Consider a lemon without its dimples... it’s skin protecting the fruit inside.”

Source: © joannajkenny / instagram

#5 We're delighted some people have a witty perspective on famous images.

Source: © celestebarber / instagram

#6 “I’ve struggled with body image my whole life. But I’m realizing I kind of look like those statues of Ancient Greek women, and I’m okay with being the Ancient Greek ideal woman.”

Source: © colleensclovers / reddit

#7 "You guys inspired me to take my first ever non-slouching, ’tall and (pretending to be) proud’ selfie and I panicked at the moment. Old habits die hard I guess”

Source: © _thecatspajamas_ / reddit

#8 “My husband is both shorter and thinner than I am, and it’s never been an issue for him. Normalize women being bigger than their partners.”

Source: © jennrandyy / reddit

#9 “I’m loving my tiger stripes because they gave me you...”

Source: © charlottedawsy / instagram

#10 “I was told I shouldn’t wear big eyeglasses because they emphasize my nose. So... I bought the biggest pair I could find!”

Source: © neuroticandok / reddit

#11 “Just a reminder that it’s okay to be bigger than your partner.”

Source: © toasty-oh / reddit

#12 “Isn’t it absurd that it is socially acceptable for humans to have lots of hair on their head, but not on other parts of their same body?”

Source: © benhopper / instagram

#13 “All bodies are bikini bodies.”

Source: © nickslacey / reddit

#14 “This is a picture that very clearly shows some of the more unflattering parts of my body, but I am so happy to finally be able to post it without shame!”

Source: © NotAMoonMaybeACat / reddit

#15 “I’ve been wearing my hair like the photo on the left for the majority of my life. I recently met someone who has encouraged me to embrace my inner curly girl!”

Source: © carameldrizzle_ / reddit

#16 This couple may not appear to be like others, but they are very wonderful!

Source: © letouxftw / reddit

#17 “I shaved my head 9 months ago after having chemically relaxed hair for 15 years! I’m experiencing my natural hair for the first time. It’s a whole new part of me and I love it”.

Source: © lexi1pax / reddit

#18 For the first time in her life, this girl broke Western beauty standards and wore her natural hair down. And she's stunning!

Source: © Catnip3978 / reddit

#19 “I’ve said this before. There was never anything wrong with my gray hair”.

Source: © gratefulandgray / instagram

#20 So this is my normalizing facial hair for anyone who’s grown up believing it’s something to be ashamed of.”

Source: © joannajkenny / instagram

What were your thoughts after seeing these photos? Is there any other beauty stereotype that should be erased?
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