‘Mildly Vandalised’: 40 Examples Of Funny And Harmless Vandalism (New Pics)

With so many things that seem wrong and unjust with modern-day society, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed, outraged, and want to rebel in some way. Well, some people protest and tell the system to go fudge itself in very creative and polite ways—by deploying forms of mild vandalism. Some people, though find that gentle vandalism is the best way for them to spread some cheer where it’s needed the most. Vandalism is a serious problem - but not for them, apparently.
r/MidlyVandalised, the 344k-member-strong online community, where all the vandalists - the kind ones, that is, come to show off a day of their lives; the Subreddit also documents and celebrates instances of raging against the machine in a calm, orderly, and (usually) controlled manner.

#1 Nice

Source: jciro

#2 The Best Vandalism

Source: stares_at_rain

#3 Hmmm, Indeed I Say

Source: AndyAndieFreude

#4 Mildly Dad Joke

Source: Leska42

#5 Someone At Work Put A Seagull On The Sanitizer Dispenser

Source: saharris1968

#6 We All Shall Applaud The Jellyfish!!

Source: jinjanshub09

#7 His Own Realm

Source: HoboPotammus

#8 An Interesting Title

Source: the_tallest_one

#9 Merry Chrysler

Source: plsiwanttosleep

#10 Hot Take In The Neighborhood

Source: bohoish

#11 Right On Rock

Source: rastroboy

#12 That's One Way To Get A Van Cleaned

Source: ContributionStrange3

#13 Communal Or Solitary Pooping

Source: purple-circle

#14 Caution. Santa’s Crossing

Source: CYBERSson

#15 Childish Response

Source: lynivvinyl

#16 Is It Me You're Looking For?

Source: Laurencehb1989

#17 He Sees You When You're Speeding, He Knows When You Are Slow

Source: Faloffel2

#18 I’d Consider This More Art Than Vandalism. In Either Case, It’s Absolutely Outstanding. (If You’re Unfamiliar, This Is ‘Tactile Paving’ And Used To Help The Vision-Impaired Navigate Streets. This ‘Bumps’ Pattern Marks The Locations Of Pedestrian Crossings)

Source: Joy-Moderator

#19 Motivation Is Important

Source: val0719

#20 Guess We're Not Getting Our Graffiti Removed Anymore

Source: Major-Eggplant-9045

#21 Someone With Free Time At My Local Grocery Store

Source: JustSomeAudioGuy

#22 High-Effort Mild Vandalism In Crystal Palace Park

Source: oldvlognewtricks

#23 Until You Proper Star Get The You Deserve

Source: The-Chacherooni

#24 He Did The Math

Source: SipulitWasNotTaken

#25 Is It Only Me That Sings Those Words?

Source: brajoon

#26 What'll It Be Today?

Source: kakaabitches

#27 Canadian Bathroom Door


#28 Eat It

Source: Dblarr

#29 Cars

Source: mlhieh

#30 We’re Only Here For A Short Time

Source: Kelly240361

#31 He Just Wants To Know!

Source: Evil_Moose_Mwahaha

#32 Found At Tumby Bay, South Australia

Source: erubadhriel

#33 Cause I’m Havin A Good Time, Havin A Good Time

Source: willman249

#34 I Couldn't Resist When I Saw The Pipe

Source: v13ragnarok7

#35 Someone Scratched Off The 3 On This Sign

Source: Filibut

#36 Tis The Season

Source: YBNcoconut

#37 It’s Been A Year Since I Replaced My Schools Hand-Washing Signs With These

Source: Little_Derp_xD

#38 This Bench In Manchester, UK

Source: RandyBurnham

#39 Won’t Somebody Think Of The Property Values!

Source: spectre_2

#40 Kinda True Tho

Source: sonickien

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