23 Heart-Wrenching Deaths In Movies That Obsess Viewers Weeks Later

You may watch a movie over and over again, but after you've been through the movie for a long time, how many details can you remember? Well, you probably don't remember the funny scenes or the thrilling details in the movie that make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. But I'm sure you will never forget the scenes that left you in floods of tears. Heartbreaking deaths in movies are exactly what I mean.
After watching a character develop throughout the movie, it's heartbreaking when see them die unexpectedly, dashing all hopes of a happy ending. Even though we know they're not real, the deaths in the movies are truly upsetting and hard to watch. Now, let's take a look at the most traumatic movie deaths of all time shared by Reddit users u/RIGORR_MORTIS and u/squeezeday.

#1 Joyce Summers (Buffy's mom) in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Source: 20th Television

"This was the most traumatic and saddest. When she says, 'Mommy?' Ugh. And it wasn’t supernatural, just super sad."–u/BobbieLS

#2 Andrea Cantillo in Breaking Bad

Source: AMC

"That’s the worst moment in Breaking Bad. It’s one of those moments that’s so awful, you almost resent the writers for putting it in there. In a way, it shows you how Jesse would feel, just wishing it wouldn’t have happened. That show always blows my mind with how they're able to make you feel such strong emotions."–u/BDady

#3 George O’Malley in Grey's Anatomy

Source: Scott Garfield / ABC / Courtesy: Everett Collection

"I gotta mentally prepare myself to rewatch that episode."–u/simp4tedlasso

#4 Shireen Baratheon in Game of Thrones

Source: HBO

'It will all be over soon, Princess' and the music. Fuck, it makes me want to barf. The series is full of scenes that are truly painful to watch, but the burning of Shireen is the worst."—u/tortugastation
"Seeing Davos’s reaction when he realized who had been burned was heartbreaking."—u/holyheckigotwrecked

#5 Rue in The Hunger Games

Source: Lionsgate

"Rue getting speared and having Katniss sing to her. The 12-year-old me couldn’t handle that trauma."—u/Aerialchinook1

#6 Rosie in Jojo Rabbit

Source: Fox Searchlight Pictures

"It took me a while to realize why Jojo was crying about the hanging victim he'd bumped into...and then it fucking hit me. That one was absolutely brutal."—u/CrypticBalcony

#7 Opie in Sons of Anarchy

Source: FX

"Opie's death was the hardest in the show for me to watch. I love that after his funeral, SAMCRO all have an 'In memory of Opie' patch on their cut."–u/UnsureOutlaw
"Effing devastating. I'm a grown-ass man, and I cried like a baby that episode. I even almost refused to watch after that...almost!"—u/Big_Toe_Baelish

#8 Seymour the dog in Futurama

Source: 20th Television

"I normally skip 'Jurassic Bark' as I know I can't handle it. But upon a recent rewatch from beginning to end, I decided to put on a brave face, knew what I was getting into, braced myself, and watched it along with all the other episodes. I had to stop watching because I couldn't see the TV through my tears."–u/LittlestSlipper55
"He waited and waited and waited like a good boy."–u/pushing-rope

#9 John Coffey in The Green Mile

Source: Warner Brothers / courtesy Everett Collection

"I’m a grown man, and his death makes me ugly-cry every damn time. Too much time thinking about it makes me tear up."—u/Graphics_Nerd

#10 Ben Sullivan in Scrubs

Source: Disney-ABC Domestic Television

"When JD says, 'Where do you think we are?' That was one of their best episodes, but I have to be in the right frame of mind to watch it, or I get all blubbery."–u/Sephonez

#11 Glenn in The Walking Dead

Source: AMC

"Such a genuinely good guy, too. Even to the very end, he was keeping an eye out for Maggie."–u/Chozo-trained
"This absolutely messed me up and was pretty much the end of TWD for me. Glenn. That hurt so, so bad."–u/smokylimbs

#12 Fred Weasley in Harry Potter

Source: Warner Brothers / courtesy Everett Collection

"The twins may have annoyed some people with their pranks, but their ultimate goal in life was to have fun and bring joy to their friends. They were generous and brave and clever and pure. To kill Fred and permanently tear them apart was the WORST! Especially when George had already been injured! You didn’t think they could be at risk anymore now that one of them had gotten hurt. They weren’t on my radar during the Battle of Hogwarts. I remember the moment I read it the first time. I was inconsolable."—u/yojothobodoflo
"Fred Weasley was the most devastating death to me. I have a twin sister, so it hit extra hard for me. Picturing life without my twin is not a life at all."—u/kasmarina

#13 Sarah Lynn in BoJack Horseman

Source: Netflix

"God, just the fact that her last words were 'I wanna be an architect.' Her wish since she was a child, but that her mother took away from her. And that BoJack could've saved her but waited 17 minutes to call an ambulance and tried to set everything up so that he wouldn't get blamed."–u/aosjcbhdhathrowaway

#14 Adriana La Cerva in The Sopranos

Source: HBO

"It’s one of the most heartbreaking, cruel death scenes I’ve ever seen on a TV show. Just brutal and sad and shocking."–u/GlassOnionMan

#15 Ellie in Up

Source: Disney

"Up's intro sequence was so beautiful: It told the story of a couple's life together. Real life with all of the difficulty and broken dreams along with it. And it shows the deep and incredible loss Carl felt with her death. This short sequence imbues the film with a deeper sense of meaning, using almost no words at all, and gives Carl a profound gravitas you cannot find in many other films."—u/zaogao_

#16 Maes Hughes in Fullmetal Alchemist

Source: JNN

"FMA was my introduction to anime, and Maes's death shook me a lot. It's such a raw, emotional scene."–u/mothman_luvr
"First time I ever got truly sad and angry about a fictional character's death. He was the best man."—u/thebardass
"This is the only thing in this comment section that can actually put a burn behind my eyes just from reading it. Blows any other character's death out of the water."–u/Octorokpie

#17 Poussey Washington in Orange Is the New Black

Source: Netflix

"I cried for days. I love the character and the actor, and I wanted Poussey to get out of there so much. She really didn't deserve to be in prison. It breaks my heart that she died trying to help her friend. Really shows how many people get lost in the system."—u/icyhot09
"That one broke me."–u/katiejim

#18 Marley in Marley and Me

Source: 20th Century Fox

"I got this movie and thought Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, a comedy! Needless to say, when Marley died, I cried so hard that I had snot coming out my nose."—u/tutorgurl07

#19 Boromir in The Lord of the Rings

Source: New Line Cinema

"First time I ever cried during a movie."—u/vinaigrettchen
"'I would have followed you, my brother. My captain. My king.' As a kid, Legolas was so cool. As a high school/college kid, Gimli was the party/fun dwarf. As an adult, Boromir. I understand him."—u/ZapIsMyZeldaSaveName

#20 Brooks in Shawshank Redemption

Source: Columbia Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

"It was so sad seeing that old man just trying to be normal but realizing his normal was within the cell walls and prison halls. It really bothered me when he was working at the grocery store, and everyone was bitching at him while he was bagging people’s groceries. It truly goes to show that society will fuck you if you don’t keep up. RIP."—u/3pointstonibbadore

#21 Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter

Source: Warner Bros.

This one gets me more now than when I first saw it. Then, as probably a lot of people do on their first read/watch, I looked at it from the perspective of Harry. His friend died needlessly, and it hurt.
Now, older and a father, I can’t help but look at it from Cedric’s dad’s perspective: proud and supportive of the man his son is growing into. And it’s all taken away in that horrid moment that they Apparate back."—u/DontWorryImADr

#22 Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey

Source: Joss Barratt/PBS / courtesy Everett Collection

"That was absolutely traumatizing."–u/APeacefulWarrior

#23 Prim in The Hunger Games

Source: Lionsgate

"Unlike most character deaths, hers wasn't in the midst of the action/excitement. It was after they'd won. It felt so spiteful and unnecessary. Fuck Coin."—u/dipshit8304

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