Awful Films That Are Actually Pretty Good For A Chill Movie Night

Movies,are viewed as a kind of relaxation in general. Some of them leave an indelible impression on us and remain with us for a long time. Some of these films are so awful that we despise and despise them. These 'awful' movies, on the other hand, end up being the ideal popcorn Entertainment to round off your weekend.
These personal favorite films aren't likely to make anyone's top five list. They are nothing more than simple entertainers. Period. We don't like bragging about how much we appreciate these movies. We, on the other hand, would watch these guilty pleasure films repetitively.

#1 Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans – A Perfect Weekend Getaway

nullIt isn't exactly the pinnacle of gloomy fantasy cinema. However, Underworld has a sizable fan base. The Underworld franchise is beloved among viewers of vampire and werewolf films. It's pure goofy action that's entertaining to see.
The film Rise of the Lycans is less well-known than the previous Underworld films. It did make an effort to stand out. The mythical rise of the lycanthropes against their vampiric overlords is a story we never expected to learn about.

#2 Speed Racer – It Isn’t The WORST Japanese Manga Adaptation Per Se

nullIn the East, anime and manga have a large following. However, in the west, they have just recently begun to make significant advances. Speed Racer, a 2008 film based on a popular Japanese manga of the same name, was widely panned by audiences and reviewers.
However, other people claim that Speed Racer is an excellent guilty pleasure film since it is over the top, which is why it received such poor reviews. In between all the discomfort, it has its highlights. The film attempted to emphasize the significance of family and friends. It should still be recognized for a sequel, in our opinion. It may do well at the box office if it had a stronger narrative.

#3 Resident Evil 2 – It’s A Perfect Popcorn Action Flick

nullIs Resident Evil 2 from 2002 the coolest zombie horror film ever made? No, no, and no. Is it pleasurable? Yes, please!! Of course, the saga as a whole features some truly cringe-worthy and repulsive parts. However, this should not detract from the reality that the Resident Evil series was never designed to win Academy Awards.
In general, Resident Evil films are simple entertainment. They also manage to do so in the very demanding zombie category. Adaptations of video games for the big screen almost never succeed. Resident Evil is a three-decade-long film franchise. There's a reason why the studio continues to make these films. It's because they continue to draw large crowds.

#4 Bad Boys 2 – It Has Comedy & Mayhem In Equal Proportions

nullBad Boys 2 is the lamest piece of the puzzle, according to many audiences of the series. There isn't enough substance or character development in it. Bad Boys 2 might be a little too shallow at times. That's saying something, considering it's an action-comedy.
What Bad Boys 2 does well includes a lot more other comedy situations in addition to the fantastic two-man banter between the two leads. They hide among the bodies at the mortuary and dance with the KKK. In many respects, Bad Boys 2 is Michael Bay's greatest film since Transformers.

#5 Batman & Robin – We Love It For Arnie’s Ice Puns

nullWhile was among the worst DC films ever made, Batman & Robin continues to be a source of debate among fans. As far as superhero films go, this one is an absolute must-see. It's corny as hell and has almost no substance. It does not necessitate a lot of mental gymnastics to comprehend. All you'll need is a bucket of popcorn and a can of Coke to get started.
It may appear that Batman & Robin is not for everyone. In actuality, though, it is. It's just a matter of being in the mood for something lighthearted. And don't get me started on the Mr. Freeze ice jokes. It's also one of the great guilty pleasure films since it's been the punchline to so many puns that nobody can approach it properly.
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