25 Hilarious And Heartwarming Hot Takes About Pixar's 'Turning Red'

What makes the audience, not just children, come to the theater to see “Turning Red''? It probably comes to the excellent content of the film. "Turning Red" depicts the fears, fatigue, and bewilderment of a teenage girl but these are still very close to an adult. How many of us are hiding our true feelings? How many of us hold back every day, encouraging ourselves that we're okay?
Besides, with the theme of coming-of-age, focusing on the "sensitive" issue of women, “Turning Red'' broke some barriers of the Hollywood animation industry. This is also the first Pixar film produced by female director Domee Shi, who is behind the short film "Bao". Thanks to that, since its premiere, "Turning Red" has received a lot of attention from viewers over the world. People have taken the movie to Twitter to share the most intriguing things about it. And here are some of the most interesting posts we've collected. Scroll down and enjoy!

#1 Priya as a Baby Bat

Source: GothOfTheDay

#2 So refreshing to see

Source: BloomMoonbeam

#3 The best Disney dad

Source: xeniamadrigal

#4 Nothing is appropriate

Source: DynamoSuperX

#5 Cringe

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#6 Thank you, Pixar

Source: daliceus

#7 Children always trust their parents

Source: DeerSprouts

#8 A more iconic friendship group

Source: samiamrosenberg

#9 The most realistic book for a 13YO

Source: jamersino

#10 Friendship bracelets


#11 Sequel

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#12 It’s wonderful

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#13 Not relatable to men

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#14 Turning Red is a HUGE huge deal

Source: oliviapecini

#15 What will animation be like

Source: evantickles

Source: evantickles

Source: evantickles

#16 Such normalcy

Source: TheJosieMarie

#17 Unused title

Source: JimForonda

#18 A witty metaphor

Source: iNabber69

#19 Nothing beats a light-hearted Pixar film

Source: ariphobe

#20 Generation gap is created by miscommunication and overt control

Source: Crosschopper

#21 Movie Of The Year'

Source: zorelsbeifong

#22 The perfect combination of old Disney vs new Disney

Source: RocketEevee

#23 Ming is not villains

Source: Sialaterfolks

#24 Feelings of Latinos and Asians

Source: 616EMMAFROST

#25 Made me realize

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