21 Twitter Reactions To Pixar’s "Turning Red"

Recently, all over social media, people are talking about Pixar's "Turning Red". And on Twitter is no exception.
For many viewers, "Turning Red" is remarkable for its lovely characters, especially the film's heroine, a 13-year-old Chinese Canadian girl named Mei, and her loyal geek squad friends. In addition, they've appreciated "Turning Red" for its interesting details such as its early-2000s Toronto setting, its celebration of adolescent girlhood,... And the most appreciated aspect is the film's larger theme: a teenager coping with the complex problems from the family, the community, and the past.
However, after its release date on March 11, the excitement around the film has been laced with drama. That may give you the idea that "Turning Red" is Pixar's most divisive movie. While that is probably not the case, the controversy revolving around "Turning Red" continues to garner attention and goes viral.
So, what are they talking about? Scroll down to discover more details. Let us know your opinion below in the comments.Warning: There are some spoilers ahead!

#1 The Villains Have Changed

Source: Saberspark

#2 Mother-Daughter Love

Source: AtLeastSeeYah

#3 Mom's Approval

Source: emilyyyhu

#4 More Absurd Female Characters Please

Source: everlyroan

#5 Jealous Of This Moment

Source: arbacn

#6 Appropriate For Children

Source: pat_alazr

#7 Generational Curses

Source: twitchyhoshi

#8 The Film's Bigger Themes

Source: JoCat105

#9 Cute Characters

Source: GreenFrieda

#10 The Visuals From Turning Red

Source: iHrtDolores

#11 Cute As I Expected

Source: Hoofpeet

#12 Only Pixar's Fourth Female Led Movie

Source: ribbonleaves

#13 Who Cried?

Source: nicosq_

#14 Reasons To Not Hate Ming

Source: faawndue

#15 This Hits Close To Home

Source: jihantrash

#16 Unlocked A Memory

Source: CynDavilaChase

#17 Disney-Pixar Been Killing It Lately!

Source: kingbealestreet

#18 Yeah

Source: samiamrosenberg

#19 Weirdly Touching

Source: the_ns

#20 Hits Real Close To Home

Source: e1n

#21 Best Facial Expressions

Source: BlueBoi1996

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