Early "Morbius" Reviews Doesn't Seem To Be Great

The American press is now able to preview Morbius, but critics are definitely not light on the Sony Marvel film.
After many postponements, the new film from Sony's Spider-Man Universe is ready for its debut. Morbius will be released in cinemas on April 1st with Jared Leto as Michael Morbius, one of the historical antagonists of Spider-Man comics.

Source: Marvel Studios

According to American critics, the new film directed by Daniel Espinosa is anything but exciting.
In a recent Twitter post, Geeks Worldwide editor Brandon Matthews shared a disappointing update on Morbius, reporting first impressions from critics who had just been able to watch the preview. Matthews tweeted that several reporters who have already seen the film described Morbius as "boring and uncalculated" with "no consistency".
Insiders have however listed some positives, saying it has "good moments here and there" with "2 - 3 easter eggs" appearing over the course of the film. However, journalists agree that viewers should better watch it at home. In short, don't spend money to see Morbius at the cinema.
A recent rumor has then raised some doubts from the fans. According to this rumor, the character of Michael Keaton, who appeared in multiple trailers and is expected to reprise the role of Adrian Toomes from Spider-Man: Homecoming, has been almost completely removed from the final cut of Morbius. However, this news is not confirmed yet.

Source: The Direct

The above-mentioned rumor, combined with the extremely lukewarm reception from critics, has already caused a lot of discontent among fans waiting for the Sony Marvel film, even though the public doesn't always agree with the reviews from the press. For example, the first Venom movie starring Tom Hardy was largely crushed by critics, but later it was remarkably awarded by the box office with more than 850 million dollars raised.
Will the same thing happen to Morbius? Let's wait and see.
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