30 Celebrities Who Are The Real-Life Models Of Favorite Disney Characters

If the Disney characters were to step out of the animation world, what would they really look like? Have you ever thought that?
Ever since childhood, Disney has obviously impacted all our lives. Disney has always been warmly welcomed by both children and adults alike. The reason is understandable. Most Disney stories are classic folk tales that have been given a rather fairy tale touch.
In addition, conceptualizing the characters of Disney is also admirable. Characters of Disney are required to be very memorable and recognizable. This actually gives Disney creators a hard task. While the number of characters in Disney world is enormous, how can the creators come up with such distinguishable characters for each movie? Probably their key is taking inspiration from reality.
If you have found that a Disney character has some similarities to a real person in real life, it is likely that that character was actually inspired by that person. It's because Disney often uses real-life people as references for their movies, especially voice actors. It will ensure the characters appear more realistic and natural on-screen. Therefore, it comes no surprise to meet real-life inspirers of iconic Disney characters. Let's take a look at some iconic Disney characters inspired by icons of reality.

#1 Mortimer Mouse — Thought to Be Based on Walt Disney

A rumor is that an animator drew up a cartoon of Walt — and Disney’s president liked it so much that he introduced him as a new character by the name of Mortimer Mouse. Some clues may be Mortimer’s thin mustache and frame, and the fact that Walt initially wanted Mickey Mouse to be called Mortimer.

#2 Ariel — Based on Alyssa Milano

Actress Alyssa Milano is the inspiration of the character Ariel, the red-headed beauty in the 1989 animation of The Little Mermaid. Her teen photos are used to design this character, only Ariel’s iconic red hair was made different

#3 Snow White — Based on Marge Champion

Adriana Caselotti was one of the first-ever actors to become a character model and her job was to bring Disney’s first princess to life.

#4 Esmeralda — Based on Demi Moore

Demi Moore is the voice actress for the character Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but she is also the inspiration for the main character's appearance from her brown locks to her alluring facial features

#5 Pocahontas — Based on Irene Bedard

Pocahontas is based on the real-life story of a Powhatan woman, but the title character and protagonist’s look was actually based on the voice actress, Irene Bedard.

#6 The Genie — Based on Robin Williams

Unlike other characters, Genie doesn't look identical to his inspired actor Robin Williams. But Genie’s personality and sense of humor strongly resemble that of Williams.

#7 Wall-E — Based on Charlie Chaplin

To design the main character in the animated movie Wall-E, the animation crew had to watch a Keaton and Charlie Chaplin film for nearly a whole year straight. This is to better understand how to show the character’s emotions and narrate without words.

#8 The 4 Vultures — Based on the Beatles

The final film has the vultures with mock-Liverpudlian accents singing the song “That’s What Friends Are For” with an influenced barbershop quartet as opposed to the Beatles.

#9 Scat Cat — Based on Louis Armstrong

Surprisingly Louis Armstrong is the voice actor for the beloved character Scat Cat. The obvious clue is its gap in his teeth and it plays his instrument as Armstrong would have.

#10 Jessica Rabbit — Mostly Based on Rita Hayworth

#11 Alice — Based on Kathryn Beaumont

#12 Jessica Rabbit — Mostly Based on Rita Hayworth

#13 The Mad Hatter — Based on Ed Wynn

#14 Dr. Facilier — Mainly Based on Michael Jackson

#15 Cruella de Vil — Based on Tallulah Bankhead

#16 Christopher Robin — Based on Christopher Robin Milne

#17 Scar — Based on Jeremy Irons

#18 Peter Pan — Based on Bobby Driscoll

#19 Tiana — Based on Anika Noni Rose

#20 Chernabog — Based on Bela Lugosi

#21 Captain Hook — Based on Hans Conried

#22 Tinker Bell — Based on Margaret Kerry

#23 Princess Aurora — Based on Helene Stanley

#24 Dr. Facilier — Also Based on Usher

#25 Joe Gardner — Based on Jamie Foxx

#26 Jessica Rabbit — Also Based on Lauren Bacall

#27 Jessica Rabbit — Also Based on Veronica Lake

#28 Belle — Based on Sherri Stoner

#29 Ralph — Based on John C. Reilly

#30 Fix-It Felix Jr. — Based on Jack McBrayer

#31 Maui — Partially Based on The Rock’s Grandfather

#32 Sadness — Based on Phyllis Smith

#33 Zazu — Based on Rowan Atkinson

#34 Philoctetes — Based on Danny DeVito

#35 Carl Fredricksen — Based on Edward Asner

#36 Charles F. Muntz — Based on Christopher Plummer

#37 Snow White — Based on Adriana Caselotti

#38 Maui — Also Based on Dwayne Johnson


#39 Lady Tremaine — Based on Elenor Audley


#40Ursula — Based on Drag Queen Divine


#41Olaf — Loosely Based on Josh Gad


#42Frozone — Based on Samuel L. Jackson


#43 Edna Mode — Most Likely Based on Edith Head

There is no confirmation from The Incredibles’ director Brad Bird, but fans enjoy playing the guessing game. The two most obvious contestants are actress Linda Hunt and costume designer Edith Head.

#44Rapunzel — Based on Mandy Moore


#45Pacha — Based on John Goodman


#46 Aladdin — Based on Tom Cruise

At first, this character was originally inspired by actor Michael J. Fox, but finally, Jeffrey Katzenberg, the then-chairman of Walt Disney Studios appointed Tom Cruise’s character from Top Gun as the main inspiration because of his mature look that Aladdin’s character required.
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