Redditor Asks Which Celebrities Are Faking Their Entire Personality, Here Are 30 Names People Gossip About

It's true to say that fame always goes with rumors. The path to success is not a bed of roses. And our celebrities get used to living with the rumors, finding ways to deal with them. Meanwhile, many fans have a special interest in celebrities' rumors. It's ok to gossip. Just make sure that your gossip doesn't insult, impact someone else. Be entertained with the gossip, not controlled by it. Their lines are fragile and unclear, so be careful with your words, guys.
Recently, Reddit user 0belisktheT sparked a discussion about the celebrities on r/AskReddit, the third biggest subreddit on the site. His question is "which celebrities do you think are faking their whole personality. Some people in this community got together and started gossiping about the topic. They mentioned the names of some popular stars and performers who are thought to be less genuine than they really are.
Regarding the relationship between celebrities and being genuine, celebrity expert Mike Sington said that it was quite a detective to figure out if a celebrity is being genuine. This is also what makes it a hot topic whenever it emerges. Even if some celebrities might be pretending to be better than they are, many are pretty open about what they’re like. Are you curious about celebrities who are totally different behind the scenes? Check out the article.

#1 Gordon Ramsay

Source: gordongram

#2 Julie Andrews aka Mary Poppins

Source: julieandrews

#3 Alice Coope

Source: alicecooper

#4 Marilyn Monroe


#5 Benedict Cumberbatch

Source: Mr Utterly Wrong

#6 Pitbull

Source: pitbull

#7 Rammstein

Source: rammsteinofficial

#8 Mariah Carey

Source: mariahcarey

#9 Julia Roberts

Source: juliaroberts

#10 Paris Hilton

Source: parishilton

#11 Bono

Source: Matthias Muehlbradt

#12 Tucker Carlson

Source: Gage Skidmore

#13 BTS

Source: bts.bighitofficial

#14 Jimmy Fallon

Source: jimmyfallon

#15 Adam Levine

Source: adamlevine

#16 Kevin Hart

Source: kevinhart4real

#17 Kesha

Source: iiswhoiis

#18 Bruce Willis

Source: Daiki Tomidokoro

#19 Ellen DeGeneres

Source: theellenshow

#20 Jennifer Lawrence

Source: Gage Skidmore

#21 Mother Goose Club

Source: Gage Skidmore

#22 Samuel L Jackson

Source: Mr Utterly Wrong

#23 Julie Andrews aka Mary Poppins

Source: kuwtk

#24 Alice Coope

Source: tomcruise

#25 Chris Pratt

Source: prattprattpratt

#26 Joe Rogan

Source: joerogan

#27 Catherine Zeta-Jones

Source: catherinezetajones

#28 Demi Lovato

Source: ddlovato

#29 Jared Leto

Source: jaredleto

#30 Anne Hathaway

Source: annehathaway

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