14 Actors Who Did Something Outside The Box, And Successfully Took Everyone's Breath Away

Actors and actresses have the ability to transform into someone whose personality is totally different from theirs. And, no, they don't stay in that personality; instead, they wear it like a suit. The new film has an entirely different personality. And that is not an easy task. They play one character, then drain it from their system and transform into a whole other personality to play the other character. However, it is common for an actor to become locked into a specific "type" that is difficult to reverse. Viewers begin to expect these performers to play only one sort of character, making it difficult for them to display their multidimensional skills.
However, not all performers prefer to work in the same genre of movies all the time; when they decide to change their style abruptly, they take everyone's breath away. In this post, we have created a list of famous actors and actresses who have managed to achieve something on the big screen that is outside of their character type. Some of them switched from humor to a more serious genre, while others left dramatic films in favor of action and thrillers.
Let's scroll down and enjoy!

#1 Liam Neeson was a perfectionist at dramatic roles when he began his career. He ended up maturing into an action/adventure movie hero. He did amazing in Tekken.

Source: © Schindler`s List / Universal Pictures, © Taken / Europa Corp

#2 Shia was quick to be part of blockbuster movie franchises but decided to part ways with such fame and wanted to make a name for himself through talent. He started playing very nontypical roles. He worked in the crime drama genre and was excellent at it.

Source: © Transformers / DreamWorks SKG, © Lawless / Benaroya Pictures

#3 From doing comedic roles in movies like Superbad to a very serious role in The Help and La La Land, Emma Stones has come a long way.

Source: © Easy A / Olive Bridge Entertainment, © The Favourite / Element Pictures

#4 Steve Carell has been known for his hilarious work as a supporting actor in many comedy movies. But the world was blown away when Foxcatcher was released. He was nominated for Oscar for that unique role.

Source: © Bruce Almighty / Universal Pictures, © Foxcatcher / Annapurna Pictures

#5 Kate Hudon is another one of those actresses who started her career as a comic artist, but slowly turned towards versatility and landed roles in musicals and drama movies.

Source: © Bride Wars / Firm Films, © Marshall / Chestnut Ridge Productions

#6 After Twilight, critics highly doubted Pattinson would ever be able to lay rest to that vampire personality but he did prove them all wrong. He has been cast as the new Batman in the upcoming Batman movie. Really excited.

Source: © Twilight / Twilight Productions, © Good Time / Elara Pictures

#7 Melissa McCarthy is very well known for her comedian roles, especially the one in Mike & Molly. But her performance as a serious character in Can You Ever Forgive Me? should a completely new side of her.

Source: © Identity Thief / Aggregate Films, © Can You Ever Forgive Me? / Fox Searchlight Pictures

#8 From comedy to drama, Ben Stiller proved his worth over the years like a legend.

Source: © Zoolander / Paramount Pictures, © Greenberg / Twins Financing

#9 Sandra the legend Bullock stepped foot into Hollywood as a rom-com movie actress. Compare that to where she is now with her fantastic acting in Bird Box, she is a complete package.

Source: © Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous / Castle Rock Entertainment, © Bird Box / Bluegrass Films

#10 Our very own Rachel, Jennifer Aniston decided to switch it up as she walked away from comedic roles and landed a role in a psychological drama movie post-2005. And she nailed it.

Source: © Just Go with It / Happy Madison Productions, © Cake / Cinelou Films

#11 Here’s a switch-up, Michelle Williams has been known for her serious roles and she is a perfectionist at them. The 4 time Oscar winner switched things up by landing a role in the action movie Venom.

Source: © Shutter Island / Phoenix Pictures, © I Feel Pretty / Voltage Pictures

#12 Matthew McConaughey has tapped every genre in his acting career. From thrill to rom-com to drama. After his work in “The Lincoln Lawyer”, he was offered many unique and new roles.

Source: © Contact / South Side Amusement Company, © True Detective / Anonymous Content

#13 From his heroism in the Mission Impossible series to being a killer in the movie Collateral, Tom has proved over the years that he is a very versatile actor.

Source: © Rain Man / MGM, © Edge of Tomorrow / 3 Arts Entertainment

#14 Jonah Hill – We all know his roots but he shocked the world in 2018 with a completely new appearance and focus on serious roles. He is really good at it.

Source: © The Wolf of Wall Street / EMJAG Productions, © Don`t Worry, He Won`t Get Far on Foot / Anonymous Content

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