Director Daniel Espinosa Confirms The Appearance Of A Spider-Man In Morbius Universe

Will Spider-Man be in Morbius? Not really, although director Daniel Espinosa has thrown some fuel on the fire, which is sure to excite fans of the character.
Morbius, the new Sony film dedicated to the Marvel anti-hero, will hit theaters in a few days. Jared Leto will bring to the big screen for the first time the character of Michael Morbius, the "living vampire" who has clashed with Peter Parker on several occasions in the long history of Marvel comics.
Morbius will be part of the SSU (Sony's Spider-Man Universe) just like Venom, Venom: Let There Be Carnage and future spin-offs like Kraven the Hunter starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Madame Web starring Dakota Johnson.
In the November trailer of the movie, there were several references to the other narrative universes. For example, the protagonist has openly quoted Venom, implying that Morbius is set in the same world of the films with Tom Hardy in the role of Eddie Brock.

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The same trailer has also given rise to some thrilling fan theories since there are many elements from various different narrative universes that are related to Spider-Man: there is a mural that depicts the unmistakable costume worn by Tobey Maguire in Sam Raimi's trilogy; the film features Michael Keaton, who played Adrian Toomes aka Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming; and in the city of New York there is also the Oscorp Tower, which closely resembles the same building seen in The Amazing Spider-Man saga with Andrew Garfield.
In short, in which universe will Morbius be set? At the moment we still have no idea, but director Daniel Espinosa has specified a truly remarkable detail: even in this narrative universe, there is a version of Spider-Man. In other words, there is indeed a Spider-Man in the world of Morbius. But which one though?
In an interview with Cinema Blend, Espinosa explained his view of the MCU as a set of worlds in which we find the same characters albeit with different visions. According to his reasoning, this means in almost every universe there is a Spider-Man, and there will surely be one also in the world of Morbius.
"Of course! I mean, in almost all Spider-Verse or, you know, the universes that existed in the Marvel universe, if you read the comic books, the whole idea of that kind of – the Marvel string theory, if you would call it that. It's very related to, if you remember, the alternative Seinfelds," the director explained when asked whether there's a Spider-Man in the New York City in Morbius.

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"You have a world where you have the same characters, and it's ALL of the characters, but they are slightly different," he added. "So in almost all verses, you have Spider-Man, or a Fantastic Four, or a Tony Stark, or a Morbius. But they will be different in tone. That's not quite the way that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is approaching the idea, but they're remaining to some core truth. Then you have the second kind of legend, which is about the totem. Which is that, in all universes, there is a spider totem. Which means that in all universes, there has to be a Spider-Man. Or a Spider-Woman."
Espinosa's statement is very close to another highly anticipated Marvel Studios that will hit in May, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, in which we will see various versions of the protagonist from alternative universes in addition to the return of Patrick Stewart in the role of Charles Xavier from the X-Men movie saga.
Espinosa, however, explained that the MCU is doing something different than his idea, but then reiterated that the existence of Spider-Man in this franchise is fundamental to his vision.

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The words of the director obviously do not confirm that Spider-Man will appear in his film, however Spider-Man: No Way Home has certainly proved the possible coexistence of various interpreters of the character on the big screen at the same time. Of course, at this point, another question arises: if Spider-Man truly shows up in Morbius, will it be another variant of the superhero or one of those that we already know?
For example, for some time, there have been rumors of a possible return of Andrew Garfield in the role of Spider-Man after the warm welcome received in No Way Home, and many think that Morbius could be set in the universe of The Amazing Spider-Man saga given the aforementioned clues. Will the actor come back to put on the suit once again? Let's wait and see.
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