"Spider-Man: No Way Home" Video Shows Another Fight Against Green Goblin In A Deleted Scene

A few days ago, Spider-Man: No Way Home was available for purchase digitally and is literally selling like hot cakes, and in April the physical DVD and Blu-ray editions will also be available as well. As the film directed by Jon Watts is getting closer and closer to the monstrous figure of 1.9 billion dollars at the international box office, Sony reminded all fans of the opening of sales by posting the first 10 minutes of the blockbuster, which you can see here:

While waiting to know if and when the awaited extended cut will arrive at the cinema, some insiders have revealed a sequence initially planned for the film but then removed, which involves Spider-Man, Dr. Otto Octavius and Green Goblin.
In a new behind-the-scenes video released by Vanity Fair, Spider-Man: No Way Home's visual effects supervisor Kelly Port has shown a pre-visual video sequence prepared on the computer to simulate the iconic battle on the bridge between the protagonist and Octavius, which already became famous in the first trailer.

Source: Sony Pictures | Marvel Studios

For those who do not know what pre-visual is, in a nutshell it is a rough animation of an action sequence performed before the actual shooting on set or on location. It allows the crew to create the scenes and perform the stunts more easily, at the same time getting everything where it should be for the final product.
The sequence, which you can see below, shows that the battle on the bridge was initially thought differently. While in the final montage of No Way Home, Peter and Doctor Octopus ​​are teleported to the Sancta Sanctorum by Strange as soon as Goblin reveals himself in front of them, the first sequence includes a real physical confrontation between Spider-Man and Osborn.
As we already know, in the final product, this clash is postponed to the film's second half.

Source: Sony Pictures | Marvel Studios

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