20 Interesting Hidden Details In Famous You Probably Never Noticed

Have you ever watched a movie more than once and found something new that you didn't realize in the previous watching? Is that interesting?
Most movie audiences head to the theater to see a story exactly as it is told, without focusing too closely on the plots, characters, or lines of dialogue. Therefore, many exciting details are probably missed. Or sometimes we tend to ignore them because they seem not to be relevant or unintelligible at the time. But if you totally understand the hidden messages behind them, you will see that they are important hints revealing the development of the events happening later and even they make a classic movie twice as much fun to watch.
Unluckily, most of the time, these details aren’t very obvious. That's why we want to reveal 20+ hidden details in Movies,you probably missed here! Let's scroll down and count how many of them you have already noticed!

#1 Ron used the unforgivable curse, Avada Kedavra when faced with death

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, we see the green glow in Ron's spell, this is the visualization of the unforgivable curse, Avada Kedavra. The main characters in the movie haven't used it during the films. But this is the only choice to save him and Hermione.

#2 Thor wears gloves in all the scenes in Avengers: Endgame

He had to wear gloves in the movie in order to cover the stitches in the costume he had to wear to make his character look fat

#3 Thor: Ragnarok is the only Marvel film where Doctor Strange wears yellow gloves. This is a reference to the original comics

#4 At the end of season 2 of Stranger Things, during the ball, EI wears the same hairband on her hand, Jim started to take care of El and gave it to her

#5 Spider-man is the boy wearing the Iron Man mask and saved by Tony Stark

This is confirmed by Tom Holland who played Spider-Man.

#6 The headline of the newspaper Brendan Gleeson’s character is reading in Calvary is “Two hitmen hunted over Dublin murders”

This is a reference to In Brugge where the actor also played the main role.

#7 Look at the colors of the heart on the wall!

The change in the graffiti colors of the heart is made after the main character meets Deborah.

#8 In Men in Black 3, Frank's dog appears in J’s room from the future

And when he came to the future, J parked near the poster announcing a performance by a speaking dog.

#9  In War of the Worlds, Tim Robbins’ character suggests Ray dig an underground tunnel just like what he did in his previous movie

In The Shawshank Redemption, Andy Dufresne portrayed by Tim Robbins escaped from prison by digging an underground tunnel. In War of the Worlds, his character also recommends Ray to use that way.

#10 Horror master Stephen King made a hilarious cameo in IT Chapter Two

Stephen King also criticizes Bill for the bad ending of his book — this is the same thing that King had been criticized for over the course of his entire career.

#11 In both parts of Back to the Future, the ledge was also broken by Doc


#12 The same quote is used by two characters in two different movies, both portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson

“The path of the righteous man” is what is in Nick Fury’s gravestone in Captain America and also is the exact verse Jules from Pulp Fiction quotes. Both characters portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson

#13 In The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the main character has to make a choice when he arrives in Greenland: should he pick the red or blue car?

#14 In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, Harry Potter is seen with his scar or glasses

It's because it's not in the real world, just the soul of the character, so his bad vision and his scar don't appear in this state. Moreover, in the book, Harry was actually naked but then, because of embarrassment, clothes suddenly appeared.

#15 “Please, don’t make my suit green” of Ryan Reynolds is a reference to his woefully done DC Comics movie “The Green Lantern”


#16 To fake the diary, Amy uses several different pens while writing at the beginning of Gone Girl


#17 The tiny change in the name of the mall in Back to the Future, Part II

Marty meets Doc at a shopping mall called Twin Pines which was named after the 2 pines that were there before the mall was built. But after his trip to 1955, the DeLorean bumped into one of the trees, which resulted in the mall eventually being named Lone Pine.

#18 The third part of Back to the Future, Part II was spoiled in the second one

Look at the pattern on Doc’s shirt that has trains and horses on it.

#19 The ice crown of the White Witch presents her power

In The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe melts and decreases in size when she starts to lose her power.

#20 In John Wick: Chapter 2, the cars near the hotel are in the exact same places as they were in the first film even though the shooting was done 3 years apart


#21 One of the scenes in The Hangover is very similar to the cover of an iconic Beatles album


#22 Steve Buscemi’s character in Reservoir Dogs never gives tips to waiters and in Pulp Fiction, he played a waiter and his guests ran away


#23 In It: Chapter Two, there’s a reference to the iconic film, The Shining

When Beverly is in the bathroom and different people are trying to get in, one of them says the famous phrase, “Here’s Johnny!”.

#24 In the first season of Stranger Things, sheriff Jim Hopper wears a blue bracelet, which is his died daughter's hairband


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