This Is How Your Favorite Disney Characters Would Look Without Their Most Unique Features

A person's look can be radically transformed with just a small change. It may appear difficult to believe, yet it is true. We're surprised when seeing some celebrities without their most distinguishing characteristics. If this is true for people, is this still true for popular cartoon characters?
In this post, we've compiled a gallery of images portraying what your favorite Disney characters would look like if their appearances were changed. There are certain characters that change so much that you can't tell who they are, but there are also a few alterations that don't make them different. Take Mickey Mouse, for example, can you recognize him without his iconic round ears?
So, take a look at the amazing collection below to see how your favorite Disney characters would look without their most unique features. Tell us your opinions about the new looks of your favorite characters in the comment!

#1 Mickey Mouse big ears vs small ears

#2 Rapunzel long hair vs a modern haircut

#3 Elsa with shy look vs brave look

#4 Ursula with makeup vs without makeup

#5 Scar with the scar vs without the scar

#6 Captain Hook with hook vs without hook

#7 Queen of Hearts in short height with a large head vs normal form

#8 Buzz Lightyear in astronaut suit vs casual clothes

#9 Nemo with small fin vs regular fin

#10 Jafar with common turban vs small turban

#11 Mike Wazowski with one eye vs two eyes

#12 Cruella de Vil with black and white hair vs brown and yellow hair

#13 Mulan with Asian eyes vs round eyes

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#14 Maleficent with horns vs without horns

#15 Moana with Thick eyebrows vs thin eyebrows

#16 Tinkerbell with Normal hair bun vs loose hair

#17 Pinocchio long nose vs normal nose

#18 Tarzan curly hair vs straight hair

#19 Hercules lean cheekbones and big ears vs strong cheekbones and small ears

#20 Quasimodo with hump vs without hump

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